Friday August 12th

I worked out Friday night, I did not want to for a few reasons. Firstly because I did not want to! Secondly because I had already skipped a day and knew I most likely would not Saturday because of a social event. And finally, my legs were sore deep near the bone and usually when they are that sore I believe my legs need a rest. Knowing I did not want to skip two days, I took off towards the high school.


I chose to run the bleachers this night to take the stress of my shins. When I run the bleachers, I go up the steps and down 4 times during one lap. What is nice is I can continue my progress around the track while running the bleachers.


My first lap is usually the slowest because of a couple reasons: Firstly, because I am warming up and secondly because I want to pace myself. My first lap time was not bad for a first semi-casual lap. I thought if I could keep them all about this time it would be better than the last time I ran the bleachers.


To my surprise all the remaining laps were 30 seconds faster than the first! This felt awesome and I was surprised because on the 4th lap going up the final two stair cases my legs were so tired I was sure I would be sore for a week afterwards.


My goals were to run the bleachers completely, even the segment between the up and the down and then after completing the bleachers run about a 1/3 of a lap to increase my conditioning. Another good indicator was when I ran after the bleachers it seemed easier than before and my legs did not groan with pain nor did my lungs, thus all indications my conditioning was getting better.




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