Monday – was tiring

Well, after my run Sunday, I wanted to make sure I kept up with my conditioning and did not feel ready to run again, so I altered to my other workout strategies, which is to work on my quick start and stop conditioning.


Basket ball was first. I enjoyed playing more than previous times! Why, I figured out why, it was because I was in better shape. Thus, chasing the ball was easier, I got to the ball quicker and I was able to do more of the type of shots I USED to do. At the same time, all of this took more energy and I found myself winded twice and had to wait until my breath calmed down to return to play.


Tennis was second. I did not even feel the need to go play tennis, the basketball had gotten me more tired than expected and it was only 1/2 hour with two rests! Regardless I went, I was tired of playing basketball anyway. I was tired physically and when I get tired physically, I start missing more shots which means chasing the ball more, which is not bad, but then I start getting miffed for missing shots.


The tennis was very hard too. I noticed I got to the ball quicker, I was more willing to chase balls, and I noticed I squatted more when hitting balls around knee height or lower. Which of course all is good, but caused me to exert more energy which caused me to get tired.


I did not make the 1/2 hour of tennis, I felt drained. So the quick start and stop workout seemed like it did in fact achieve its objective.


Tonight, trying to decide which to do, bleachers, more quick start and stop or run again. I’ll let me know.



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