Monday Aug 22nd

Ok, I almost totally got myself to drop out again last night. I have not exercised since last Wednesday, for that I will give no excuses other than somehow I made enough of them to keep me from my agenda.


Last night was no different, I so thought I would do it tomorrow as I moped around the house thinking how tired I was and the thought of being out of breath and my legs aching did not help much. But I knew if I did not go, then all the work I had done up to this point was worthless and then too, what about my commitment, I have one with myself and with you 🙂


Knowing I had to run, I made a decision on the way to the track. Tonight, I would run the full 6 laps continuously instead of the traditional 4. I figure my legs have enough time to heal, my shins were not even hinting at having any pain and I figure I had enough rest to do it without killing myself.


In addition to this decision, I did have a realization from last week. When I noticed I was able to get to the basketball quicker and the tennis ball quicker, I realized it was because of my running conditioning, I had the extra power to get to the ball. Yes, when I did get to the ball, I was breathing hard and possibly my legs felt the brunt of the sprint as well, but if I had not run, then I could not go.


My previous desire was to try and improve my speed and secondly improve my distance. Well, after thinking about this epiphany I had, I realized no matter how slow I ran, increasing the distance is mandatory in order to increase my speed in the shorter distances. I know some of you are saying, duh! But I had a strategy and, truthfully, I was hoping to short cut my getting into shape!


So I ran at a leisurely pace and the first 3 laps were a easy. My legs felt ok, my breathing was not forced and my legs did not feel like gum was on the bottom. On the fourth lap, particularly the last 1/2 to 1/3, I starting feeling the legs and the lungs some.


To ensure I had not sped up too much, when I finished the 4th lap, I purposely slowed down as to give my mind set that I was beginning all over again.


I am glad to report I did make the full 6 laps and felt pretty good, my legs were very tired and my breathing was not as forced as usual, but it was there and I was super glad to have the rest.


I walked the next lap and then ran two more laps consecutively, thus making this the fastest and shortest two miles I have run to this point. Shortest meaning I had the least walking laps in the accomplishment of actually running 8 laps.


I looked at my 6 lap time and had hoped for better but was not surprised. My second stage of running the two laps as well were slower than previous, but not over what I expected. In all I was very happy with my run because I am seeing me running 8 laps continuously soon and this means I will be gin working on my 3 mile goal. As well, today, my shins are not sore, thus this increases my ability to run more often so maybe I will be able to hit my mile and 3 mile goals…


Thinking of running again tonight, I love the pain. Actually, I love the feeling when the pain is over. Cause you do know the best thing about pain don’t you?




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