7 Laps 1 to go

My times are slower and I have decided this is ok.  I realized the most important of my running is not necessarily the speed, but it is the time I am running.  So even though I slowed down but increased the distance, this means I am running for a longer period of time, which means greater endurance and hopefully great weight loss.

Monday I ran 6 laps continuously, then I walked a lap and ran two more.  Wednesday, I did the same routine with a light change.

Firstly, my time for the 6 laps was almost exactly the same as Monday, slow but consistent.  I walked my rest lap then ran two more laps.  The highlight was the two laps I ran were a full 30 seconds faster than the Monday, that made me feel pretty good.

Now, after I run my laps used to take me about a lap and a half of walking to get my breathing under control to where I felt I could run again.  It then dwindled to 1 lap and now I have noticed it is about 1/2 lap.  It’s a strange phenomena.  When I finish running all I hear is noise in my ears and feel the aching in my legs, it’s like a storm is all around me.  As I am walking, all of a sudden I feel a serenity, a peacefulness around me and I realize my heart, brain and legs have all started to recover.  This feeling is coming quicker and quicker, which again even though my times are not where I would like them, it is an indication of improved conditioning.

After walking my warm down lap after my normally final two laps of running, I actually felt like running, so I did.  I took off and ran another lap, making my total number of laps 7.  My time was just about average for all the laps I had run this evening.

I had a workout plan, one night for running, one night for bleacher running and one night for basketball/tennis.  Lately, I seem to want to concentrate on the running.  Believe it or not, I actually am enjoying the running more.  It is my guess, I am enjoying it more since I found a pace which is just a jog, not a race and is allowing me to increase my distance without torturing the my body.

So, my goal now is to constantly try to increase my distance and let the speed come with increased endurance.  The challenge right at this moment, is my shins feel a bit of pain, I want to run, but not on the basis of having to lay off too long of running.  But here is my strategy.

I will run tonight, then maybe skip two days before running again, but filling in the nights with the other activities like bleacher running and/or basketball/baseball.

So far the best part of exercising is it just seems to make something that seemed difficult easier. From getting up out of a chair, to chasing my two youngest, to simply running after a ball, but mostly, just normal walking feels like – well more normal 🙂



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