Flat Stanley – Project

Dear Parent,

We will be starting Flat Stanley project this week. We will be reading a funny book called Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. The book is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him while his is asleep. Stanley is very, very flat but otherwise fine. Stanley’s family did not have enough money to send him on a train or plane to visit a friend in California, so they decided to fold him up and put him in a large envelope and mail him. The story goes on to tell how Stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat. Our class has decided that we would like to do the same with our Flat Stanleys..

We need your help. Please write down the name and addresses of 5 people to whom your child could mail his/her Flat Stanley. If possible, list people who live in different states or countries. We will be keeping track of all the places Flat Stanley visits. Please send the addresses to school as soon as possible so we can get started right away! We will ask each host to keep him for a short visit and then send him back, telling us something about their city and the exciting things Flat Stanley saw or did while he was there. Some great Flat Stanleys we have heard about have come back dressed in cultural clothing, with souvenirs & mementos, travel brochures, special photographs of Stanley, postcards and more. Each student will be mailing one Stanley out at a time and once he comes back, we will send him off again until he has visited all five addresses.
** It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate stamps and/or 9×12 clasp envelopes to our class to help with our special deliveries. ** We can also scan Stanley and send him out through email address – whichever is provided. We are very excited about this project and cannot wait for our first Stanley to be returned to us. Please feel free to contact me at school or by email anytime with any questions.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Duncan.
Stefan 2nd grade teacher


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