Rip-Roar Get High On Life

It’s about midnight, I am sitting in Town Square, Southlake, TX in a court yard behind a restaurant Brio’s. I am talking with my friend Ryan Griffin. As usual, we are talking about life and learning from each other how to be better Christian’s. Out of no where, a women approaches us and hands us 1,000,000 fake bills with a cartoon picture on it. Ryan recognizes it immediately as a solicitation to talk about Christ. Trish, the women, states they are a community founded by the actor Kirk Cameron. Ryan was not familiar with the actor, so I updated him on who he was. The lead actor of a family program named “Growing Pains” and in the height of his career, he became a born again Christian and caused the show to go sideways because he tried to instill his belief onto the others.

The conversation started out ok, but…

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