How I grew up.

I did not grow up in a church going family, born again Christians as far as I knew. I do remember my parents taking us to church when I was in grammar school, maybe second or third grade. I remember sitting in church with my father one day, he had the bible out and the pastor was talking and I kept asking my dad, “Ho much longer?” and wondering when is this guy going to stop talking.


This brief encounter did have an impact on me, I remember reading in the Bible and what the Bible said I remember it making sense to me and because I believed it then, and now even more, it was the word of God, it had an impact on me, obviously since I remember it to this day.


I don’t remember my parents ever talking to me about the Bible, it being mentioned in the house or talked about even in passing. The only mention of God I remember from my mom was after I was a teen, she told me that the reason it was raining was because God was crying. And sometime in my teens as well, my mom purchased “The Living Bible”. I may have picked it up from time to time, but never read it and don’t remember ever doing so.


In my late teens, my parents took another stab at going to Church and I remember going with them to a church or two. This only last a while and I believe they quit the attempt, that was last of Church or God I remember.


At the age of 48, I was baptized and became a born again Christian. My story of how I became a Christian and believe in the God, Jesus Christ and the Bible is not one of blind faith, but of logic combined with faith, I think you might like the story.


Leland Bartlett


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Disciple of Chist

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