I am Amazed!

So, I learned my planet was not the center of the world. I learned we were not these constructs but this very fragile system of organs, blood and water and mostly, I learned that people are simply not rational.


I also learned humans were incredibly complex. How we developed from an egg within the woman. How we grew, absorbed language, how all our organs worked together, our minds unlimited.


How humans fit into the world we lived. How air was created from the oceans and plants and how our exhaust form our breath was good for the plants. How the water fell from the sky and was then absorbed again. How life kept itself in a natural balance, amazing to see how this world worked so effortlessly and perfect.


And even though I learned the sun and the moon were not just mine, put here for us on earth, I marveled at how we were just the right distance from the sun to have life. How we went around the sun and got our seasons, how the moon helped with the tides and the plants grew from the sun.


I marveled at how beautiful everything worked together. I marveled at the vastness of our universe. And it made me wonder, why are all non-humans living in harmony, yet humans seem to be at conflict with each other all the time? I began to wonder who made all of this, who designed it? How did we get here and what’s our purpose for being?


There is a Garden of Eden, when I look around, I see it everywhere, and it’s amazing!


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Disciple of Chist

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