Marijuana – Legal

I find the debate for the legalization of Marijuana somewhat funny in a society which does not demonizes the one drug which causes more death and sickness and sadness than all other dugs combined, alcohol. I am not a current user of either alcohol or marijuana, I have used both in the past but not a fan for many years. What leads me to the defending of the legalization of marijuana is the hypocrisy of not.


We are hypocrites and what is funny, it seems as though, unfortunately, it has taken political sides. Help me understand how we can sit and claim to have the higher ground on this issue when we are not fighting tooth and nail to minimize the harm alcohol does to our society. It accounts for more stupid deaths, accidents, health issues than anything else and yet, we attack a drug this?


On the O’Riely factor, he was trying to make a point to his guests asking them: “Do you want your teenagers to be smoking pot?” They said “no” of course and if you asked me, I don’t want them to smoke it either. But guess what, they have and it’s not legal in my state.


Last word. Is it morally wrong to say it is ok to legalize a “drug?”, well, we have lots of drugs which cause our society a lot more problems than marijuana ever will, but is that the basis for saying it is ok. How should we go about it, focus on God, focus on the family.




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