Forever it is the same argument

Since I turned 18, I started my interest in the future of our world, my country, my state and the city I lived in. When I tuned into the news and politics, some 35 years ago the following topics were just driven into me as being the topics which needed to be addressed or the country was going to fall apart:

  1. The US Budget and debt. Too big, too much, my children and grandchildren would be paying for what we are spending today.
  2. Immigration. Illegal immigrants are taking our jobs, using benefits they are not paying for, going to wreck our economy.
  3. Teachers pay: We need to pay teachers what they are worth.
    1. Teachers unions, won’t allow teachers to be let go who don’t seem to be successful.
    2. School performances are terrible.
    3. Throw too much money at them without results.
  4. Abortion
  5. Minimum wage


I am amazed how each election cycle, these same topics come up. The folks that want to represent us will tell us how they will reduce the deficit, improve education, fight for women’s rights, and improve our standard of living, but each election cycle, they say the same thing, why because “they” did not do anything about it from the previous election cycle.


My question is: Isn’t it about time we either told these folks to shut up about doing something about it? Or, even better, send them in with an agenda and if they do not make headway on it to “OUR” approval, they will be gone the next election cycle.


The problem is; we keep voting these people back into office, both democrats and republicans. We “believe” them for some reason and they keep telling us what we want to hear but have learned they don’t have to be accountable.


What is weird to me, if you are an investor in a public company, say IBM, Apple, Staples or any company, if the CEO went in to their position saying the things our politicians do and not achieving them how long do these CEO’s last?


Let’s show our politicians who is the boss, let’s send them home and get folks in there with our agenda and know if they don’t perform, they are gone!


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