Three Blessings

I was out with the CB Ministries bread crew doing a fund raiser – this is how we keep food on the table and the lights on. I approached a man about my age at the gas pump, I was at a gas station. He was very kind, he listened to my stump speech about CB Ministries and kindly donated $5.00 for a loaf of our awesome Banana Nut Bread. A few minutes later, after completing his fueling, he walked over me where I was standing behind my bread table and told me he wanted to pray for me and pray that all the bread I was looking to sell would be sold. I felt this man had a presence of God and was very honored he prayed for me and CB Ministries.


Second Blessing: Later that day, I was approached a middle aged woman while she was filling up her van. She told me she had already purchased bread at another location we had someone stationed at, even with humor, she said no to another loaf. I then approached the middle aged man on the pump next to her, he was willing to donate $5.00 for a loaf of our awesome bread. He gave me a $10.00 and I asked him if he wanted two – because it would be my last one, he politely decline. On my way back to my table, the lady I previously spoke with that had bought bread from our other location, she handed me five one dollar bills, she said, I heard it was your last one and I just felt compelled to take it off your hands. I felt so blessed – sometimes the last one for some reason is the most challenging to sell.


As I was winding up my day, I had sold a lot of bread – not because people walked up to my table and just donated, it was because I approached people with the hope and prayer they would be empathetic and donate. This gas station had two sides and a drive up, I worked all three places, never having a dull moment. When I went into the store to say thank you and goodbye, they mentioned they noticed how busy and hardworking it was and said it was “inspirational”, it made me feel good, God’s hard work was noticed, I felt blessed.




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