The Other Hand

The biggest challenge of becoming a Christian, especially later in life, is we have had so many more years of practice at doing life wrong. It’s like being right handed our entire life and then suddenly we are expected to be left handed. And on top of that, expected to be as good, being a Christian as we were at being our non-Christian self. But there are some strong challenges. Firstly, our initial inclination is to do everything right handed, we do it by default – meaning we do it without thinking about it and we have to somehow break that habit. Secondly, when we do things with our left hand it feels awkward and makes us want revert back to using our familiar hand. And finally – wen we find ourselves in a situation which requires us to react, it seems we will do what is most comfortable because it is so familiar, so it must be right. And when it feels so right, we don’t catch it right away that it is wrong and we should be using our other hand. One of the biggest challenges is using our left hand and being willing to look foolish. It seems when we get in front of an audience, being different, maybe looking or feeling awkward puts so much pressure on us emotionally, we succumb to the pressure and revert back to using our right hand. And events which catch us by surprise, like what if a baseball was thrown to you without notice, would you use your right or left hand – we have to be willing to look silly throwing and catching and feeling awkward all the time in order to be a Christian.


Unless we quickly become comfortable with the awkwardness of using our left hand, meaning when the left hand feels clumsy, we don’t automatically allow the right hand to take over. Almost like having the right hand tied behind our back. The use of the right hand has to be taken from the default in order for the left arm to not just be used in practice, but to become the default.




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