Just Get a Job!

The man said to me! I told him, I think your comment is incredibly callus and unpathetic to the situation we are in at our Men’s Christian Ministry. The gentleman left, but returned in about 10 minutes. Upon his return and his passing by me – again, he said have you given any thought to getting a job? Again, I told him how I felt about his comments and he began to get a little hot under the collar. I did find out that he felt he was one of “us” at one time and his solution was to get a job and real men got off their knees and worked. I replied to that, but God believes real men get on their knees and pray.


I don’t remember very much of the go between the two of us, it was not nasty or anything like that. However, when he kept on belittling us for not having jobs right now, I finally looked at him and asked him, will you come and offer us a job? No reply. I asked again, No reply and I asked him a final time and yet there was no reply, no offer to see what he could do, there was no offer to help us out to get a job. Interesting how easy it was for him to be negative, but not to put forth any effort to help his brothers out.


I imagine he just is unhappy, I imagine he has not found Christ and with that, he may be jealous that those of us taking time out to be one with God will have both a job and our happiness and be willing to always help our fallen brothers out.




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