I just finished the book of Esther. I am hoping I enjoyed the book more because I am becoming more familiar with God’s word. An amazing story regardless.


It’s a story about a woman who was orphaned and raised by her uncle. They traveled from their home country to another. Because the current queen showed “disrespect” to the king, there was a fear all woman of the land would then feel they could do the same to their husbands. Thus, the idea of replacing the queen was put into effect – and this is where Esther comes in. She was chosen to replace the kings wife as queen.


Meanwhile, one of the kings top men became despondent with Mordecai, Esther’s uncle because he would not bow and worship the king’s top man. There is also a subplot, Mordecai and Esther were Jews and they did not want this to get out – especially now Esther was queen. Because Mordecai would not succumb to the kings first man through worship, he began to devise a plan to get rid of him and the Jews.


Mordecai learned of this plot and was able to communicate this to Esther. And Esther through some very good cleverness was able to convince the king that his first man was counter good to him and not just put a stop to kill all the Jews, but also got the kings first man to be hanged on the same very contraption which was built to kill Mordecai.


Truthfully, if I had not read the introduction to the book by John McArthur, I would truly ask how this became part of the cannon. McArthur states in verse 2.5 + there is a family history which relates Mordecai back to Saul – I read the verses and saw who was listed there, but I don’t know enough of the family history to put it together, in other words, there was not a solid yellow line down the middle of road.


But wow, I’ve do not think I’ve read a book in the Bible which read like a mystery/dram novel.


God Bless You!!





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