Job 1:6

The first chapter of Job starts out by introducing us to Job – how righteous he was. He even did a sacrifice each day just in case they had sinned. All of a sudden, in the next paragraph, Satan and God are talking about where Satan has been: ESV JOB 1:7 “. . . From going to and fro on the earth and from walking up and down on it.” The very next verse is God is all of a sudden offering up his servant JOB. As many of us remember, Satan is authorized to take from JOB everything but his life and Satan does. For the rest of chapter 1, he takes all the things he possessed. When this did not cause Job to sin against God; Satan was given additional authority to cause Job great physical grief but not to kill him. This is chapter 20 of JOB. Then in chapter 3, Job complains about his position, but does not curse God as his wife suggested.


Finally in chapter 4 of JOB one of his friends speaks: ESV JOB 4:1 Then Eliphaz the Termanites answered and said. . .” Now it takes two chapters of Job listening to this man to blame Job for his circumstances. So, my reading was wonderful, I understood the story, until Eliphaz started talking. I was totally lost and in addition, I cannot believe the guy talked for two chapters using analogies for how he thought Job was not being as upstanding of a Christian as he should be. I actually got another version of the Bible which put the verses into more common phrases, a dummber version right, so I would have a better idea of what is being said. Regardless, the analogies are beautiful, it is like reading poetry, just beautiful. I am working to understand the poetry in its raw form, so it will be easier for me to understand it later. The other version is just helping put the two together, the poetry and understanding.


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