I hate my Life

That is what Job states In Job 7:16 NCV “I hate my life; I don’t want to live forever. Leave me alone because my days have no meaning. The verse I like best in this chapter starts in Job 7:11 NCV “So I will not stay quiet; I will speak out in the suffering of my spirit,. I will complain because I am so unhappy.” In the ESV, this last verse is “I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.” Truthfully, the NCV verses tell me right away how Job is feeling, I say to myself when I read it, “Ok, I get that”. The difference is how I relate to the two verses. In the ESV version, I am thinking of how Job felt, the “bitterness of my soul”, so it makes me think, how would I feel about something to the bitterness of my soul. Then, the NCV tells me how that might be, I relate to it right away, I complain because I am so unhappy. I understand unhappy.


Since it has been so long since I read Job, I am a bit blown away by the bickering of Job and his friends, again I tell you this was not as obvious when reading non “easy” reading version. The NCV had helped me tremendously understanding what is being said, although I like the way the ESV says it better. Read the following versus of Job and see how you identify with him and his predicament.


His friends start pitching in their ideas, concepts of how and the why to Job’s suffering. It seems that they are so convinced of their good wisdom, Job answers Zophar with a jab:


12 Then Job answered:

“You really think you are the only wise people

    and that when you die, wisdom will die with you!



In chapter 7, Job really complains about his position, as he said in verse 7:11, he is unhappy and continues to tell us throughout the 7th chapter. He even makes a statement to God:


Job 7:20-21 New Century Version (NCV)

20 If I have sinned, what have I done to you,

    you watcher of humans?

Why have you made me your target?

    Have I become a heavy load for you?

21 Why don’t you pardon my wrongs

    and forgive my sins?

I will soon lie down in the dust of death.

    Then you will search for me, but I will be no more.”



In a later chapter, chapter 10.2 he speaks directly to God again:

Job 10:2-10New Century Version (NCV)
I will say to God: Do not hold me guilty,
    but tell me what you have against me.
Does it make you happy to trouble me?
    Don’t you care about me, the work of your hands?
    Are you happy with the plans of evil people?
Do you have human eyes
    that see as we see?
Are your days like the days of humans,
    and your years like our years?
You look for the evil I have done
    and search for my sin.
You know I am not guilty,
    but no one can save me from your power.

If you’ve read this far, I congratulations. The one feeling I get from Job, is I believe I have and did and do feel the way he describes. How unfair he is being treated how unfair those who are supporting are being to him. Each is innocent to me, because they are simply trying to find out some logic behind the tragedy that has befallen on Job. Yet, there is no logic, it’s simply a bet between God and Satan.







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