JOb Continues to Hate His Life

It seems that Job like to whine about his life and he is more negative about god.  He states, God will destroy both the innocent and the guilty. 

21 “I am innocent,

but I don’t care about myself.

 I hate my own life.

22 It is all the same. That is why I say,

‘God destroys both the innocent and the guilty.’

23 If the whip brings sudden death,

God will laugh at the suffering of the innocent.

I understand this point of view, he feels as though God has something against him.  If it is not sin, then what?

Job 9:32-35New Century Version (NCV)
32 “God is not human like me, so I cannot answer him.
We cannot meet each other in court.
33 I wish there were someone to make peace between us,
someone to decide our case.
34 Maybe he could remove God’s punishment
so his terror would no longer frighten me.
35 Then I could speak without being afraid,
but I am not able to do that.

Here is this guy, who has had everything taken away from him except his last breath and he is trying to make sense of what has happened to him.  So, his friends try and tell him, he must be wrong, he must have sinned, and he even questions the wisdom of his friend.  But then another friend of his speaks and replies to Job: 

Zophar Speaks to Job
Your lies do not make people quiet;
people should correct you when you make fun of God.

So, Zophar is telling Job, he is lying and accuses him of making fun of God?   And then challenges Job with:
Job: 11:7 “Can you understand the secrets of God?
Can you search the limits of the Almighty?

The rest of Job Chapter 11 is his friend Zophar is lecturing him on how to be a better Christian Job 11:14 Put away the sin that is in your hand; let no evil remain in your tent.And Job 11:18 You will feel safe because there is hope; you will look around and rest in safety.

Chapter 12 Job Answers Zophar – so, Job not only loses his family and wealth, but also his health but his last breath and his friends figure he must need to be lectured and held down, not motivated and held up as a righteous individual.  I get the feeling like, these are people who may have been jealous of Job inwardly and when he felt victim to Satan, they somewhat cheered, believing, “we knew Job was not that good, let’s go tell him.”


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I am a father of five a loving father an involved father. I have my struggles, I have my days, but I have the lord to be with me to get me through. I view my life sometimes like that of Naomi. I do the best I can, but I am bitter because things seem to have been taken away, but I am also stronger and a better human being overall. I pray I am walking and doing God's plan. I pray he would use me more. God Bless and thank you for your love and support.

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