The Only Wise Ones?

I love Job’s first verse, asking if his friends feel as though wisdom will die with them because apparently, they feel superior to Job.  He brings them back to earth, reminding them they are not superior to him and in truth, I believe today, states that people that don’t have trouble today don’t seem to care as much as those that do – until they do, then they care but only to the extent they have them, then they forget again.

Job 12:2-5 (NCV)

12 Then Job answered:

2 “You really think you are the only wise people

and that when you die, wisdom will die with you!

3 But my mind is as good as yours;

you are not better than I am.

Everyone knows all these things.

4 My friends all laugh at me

when I call on God and expect him to answer me;

they laugh at me even though I am right and innocent!

5 Those who are comfortable don’t care that others have trouble;

they think it right that those people should have troubles.

Have you met friends like this, who seem to lecture to you, yet don’t either have the greater standing or are the same as you, but because you are suffering all of a sudden they have self-determined themselves to be the better ones.  Job tells them, they are no better than he and he would like to talk to God directly.  And, he warns them, they should not unfairly take God’s side against him.  (Good point since God had nothing against Job, Job is simply a warrior for God)

Job 13:2-8 (NCV)

2 What you know, I also know.

You are not better than I am.

3 But I want to speak to the Almighty

and to argue my case with God.

4 But you smear me with lies.

You are worthless doctors, all of you!

5 I wish you would just stop talking;

then you would really be wise!

6 Listen to my argument,

and hear the pleading of my lips.

7 You should not speak evil in the name of God;

you cannot speak God’s truth by telling lies.

8 You should not unfairly choose his side against mine;

you should not argue the case for God.


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