Job 14 – Job’s Reply


Sunday, February 19, 2017

My thoughts:  I cannot but feel for poor Job.  He feels and even described by God as a righteous man and had earned plenty during his life up to the conversation between God and Satan.  And then with one swipe, Job lost his personal wealth, the way to provide for himself and his family and in a second swipe, he lost his children, respect of his wife and friends along with his health.  So, I am not sure how I feel about Job’s position.  Would I complain as loudly as he has?  I know though, I would be as upset with my friends as he is with them for the attitudes and positions they have taken:

To me in the below verse, JOB is stating how worthless our lives are.  We simply grow up and then die, we do not add any additional value to life, to God, to anyone overall.  He then alludes to wanting to be out from under God’s anger in Job 14:13

Job 14:1-1 New Century Version (NCV)

14 “All of us born to women

live only a few days and have lots of trouble.

We grow up like flowers and then dry up and die.

We are like a passing shadow that does not last.

Job 14:13 New Century Version (NCV)

13 “I wish you would hide me in the grave;
hide me until your anger is gone.

Job becomes more dramatic with regards to his feelings when expressing the following in Job 14:19

Job 14:19 New Century Version (NCV)
19 Water washes over stones and wears them down,
and rushing waters wash away the dirt.
In the same way, you destroy hope.


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I am a father of five a loving father an involved father. I have my struggles, I have my days, but I have the lord to be with me to get me through. I view my life sometimes like that of Naomi. I do the best I can, but I am bitter because things seem to have been taken away, but I am also stronger and a better human being overall. I pray I am walking and doing God's plan. I pray he would use me more. God Bless and thank you for your love and support.

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