JOB and Friends Battle 17-19

Job continues to cry out for two reasons.  Firstly, he continues not to believe, and rightfully so, that his “punishment” is not in line with whatever sin he, or anyone else, can identify.  Secondly, he cries out against his “friends”, for they are criticizing him firstly for crying out, he should just take the punishment and accept the guilt, they feel God has placed upon him.  They also criticize him for his anger towards God.  So JOB is feeling a bit picked on and yells at God and requests this trek of pain end soon, but his friends feel he should accept it without call!  Do you agree, how would you feel?

JOB 17:   NCV

9 But those who do right will continue to do right,

and those whose hands are not dirty with sin will grow stronger.

10 “But, all of you, come and try again!

I do not find a wise person among you.

11 My days are gone, and my plans have been destroyed,

along with the desires of my heart.

12 These men think night is day;

when it is dark, they say, ‘Light is near.’

13 If the only home I hope for is the grave,

if I spread out my bed in darkness,

14 if I say to the grave, ‘You are my father,’

and to the worm, ‘You are my mother’ or ‘You are my sister,’

15 where, then, is my hope?

Who can see any hope for me?

I skipped JOB 18, I just did not read anything which caused me to want to write it down and maybe contemplate it, so we go to Chapter 19.

JOB 19:   NCV

19 Then Job answered: (Bildad)

“How long will you hurt me

and crush me with your words?

You have insulted me ten times now

and attacked me without shame.

Just take a moment here with the following verses.  It seems, overall, when people get down, instead of others getting down with you to help you, they start looking at you like you are a disease, a fungus and they get afraid to touch you.  I am in a situation like that, have been before too, people move away when you need them the most.  I am also guilty of doing the same, maybe this is the reason for this education for this position I have found myself in. . .

17 My wife can’t stand my breath,

and my own family dislikes me.

18 Even the little boys hate me

and talk about me when I leave.

19 All my close friends hate me;

even those I love have turned against me.

I have to admit, I have asked God this, have I not suffered enough.  Can I return to the world of supporting my family, loving my family with hugs and still be the devout desciple I am and will continue to be.  Don’t my children deserve to have their dad available to them?  I have asked Him this and pray for an answer, a path relief.

22 Why do you chase me as God does?

 Haven’t you hurt me enough?


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