Job Righteous < Sinners

These verses are how Job seems to see the sinners of his day. What is wild, I have to agree, it is how I see the sinners of our day too. Murders getting away with murder, drug lords getting away with billions and living free. But then we see someone that tries to do something good and they get punished for it. I like the verse however, JOB 21:26 where he states, the sinner and the righteous are buried next to each other and worms cover them both. Now, this is good and bad, because as we know, those who are disciples of Christ, won’t be buried in the ground and experience the worms as he describes.

In these verses, see if you agree with the emotions Job is expressing about how the sinners are treated and how he believes the righteous are treated – to him, he is saying the righteousness are being treated worse.

Job 21:13-14 (NCV)

13 Evil people enjoy successful lives
and then go peacefully to the grave.
14 They say to God, ‘Leave us alone!
We don’t want to know your ways.
Job 21:22 (NCV)
22 “No one can teach knowledge to God;
he is the one who judges even the most important people.

Job 21:26 (NCV)
26 They are buried next to each other,
and worms cover them both.

Job 21:30-32 (NCV)
30 On the day of God’s anger and punishment,
it is the wicked who are spared.
31 Who will accuse them to their faces?
Who will pay them back for the evil they have done?
32 They are carried to their graves,
and someone keeps watch over their tombs.

Job 21:34 (NCV)
34 “So how can you comfort me with this nonsense?
Your answers are only lies!”


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