We all share in it . . .


New Life brings New Life to all Who Share in It!  A statement I made when my oldest child was born.  It was during a time of grief, we had recently lost my mom’s mom after a long stay in the hospital.  I saw the joy in my mom’s face as the birth of her fist grandson was taking place; the grief of the previous year’s fell away.  It was as though she was granted a new life.

I looked around the room and felt so blessed, there were so many people there to witness this miracle, my dad, my sister, my wife’s two sisters, and her mom too.  I then realized it was not just my mom gaining from this new life, we all were because we all were sharing in the blessing.  It then came to me, all of us, Christians, we share too in the same miracle of Christ, and his new life gives us all new life for us who share in it.

God Bless


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