Happy Birthday Mom

When I think of my mom, like I do every May 28th, her birthday . . .I see a vision of happy, a smile that says I love you, a smile that says you should love yourself too.

My mom taught me the little things moms are supposedRoseForMominHeaven to teach us, self-responsibility, those type of things. You know those fundamentals so we could co-exist in society.

But my mom taught so much more, the ones she could
not list on paper, the ones she could not explain, but she taught so much more through her actions.

She saw parenting as a reflection of herself. If she saw something in us she did not like, she first looked to herself, were we a reflection of what she did?

She put love first, everything she did was based on the principle of love. The notion that many people have is they have to teach you an object lesson – which is like vengeance, a way of getting back at you or forcing their way on you. Mom never did that, she looked at the heart, and always approached the issue from the heart.

My mom also taught me to believe in my own intuition. So many times when we were growing up, my mom would say something that seemed over the top, but always seemed to play out. I remember when she took our cat to the doctor too early- the symptoms had not developed enough for the doctor to give an accurate diagnosis. And the time she told us her employer hired a “helper” only to replace her. They hired this lady to help my mom, my mom trained her and then once trained, they let my mom go – just like she said.

I remember when I needed to earn some extra money. My mom offered I should clean peoples garages or something of that nature. I argued they don’t pay enough. “What if they only pay you a quarter. . .?”, my mom replied, then you have a quarter more than you had before, you are a quarter closer to your goal.

Lists of things to do, she disliked them as we all may. But she taught me a way to make it more enjoyable, by making a game out of it. How many can you cross off. Even things she did that were not on the list, she would add to cross them off. LOL, not a game I have fully adopted, but it makesme go at it with even more enthusiasm.

What I miss the most is being able to talk to my mom. She seemed to know and understand me and my feelings and what I was going through. Talking to her was always like getting a big hug. I love you Mom and cherish the time when I can see you again! Amen.


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