The Iron Knee

The cominc dies of depression

The athlete dies of colestrol/heart attack

The memory king dies of Alzeimers

They shy succeed with stardom

The loud are silenced by the quiet

The hypocritical think everyone else is hypocritical

Truth is a lie

The genius dies from stupidity 

Justice is an opinion

Reality is a perception

Dying is a result of being born



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I am a father of five a loving father an involved father. I have my struggles, I have my days, but I have the lord to be with me to get me through. I view my life sometimes like that of Naomi. I do the best I can, but I am bitter because things seem to have been taken away, but I am also stronger and a better human being overall. I pray I am walking and doing God's plan. I pray he would use me more. God Bless and thank you for your love and support.

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