Part 3 of 3 What is Your Version?

PART 3 of 3

{This is a comment I got from a friend when I posted What is Your Version?  I found it very informative and well written.  God Bless my friend Dave.}

Friends, please keep in mind that all of our lives we’ve been led down the primrose path. I went to school with at least five of you here. I expect that our backgrounds are relatively similar in many ways. But, our parents and their parents and their parents were all sold a bill of goods. They were all lied to, and in turn taught us those lies.

We now have access to information that dissolves those lies. We are re-connecting in ways that only a few years ago were unimaginable! We also have a huge resource in the internet and books that we can read that have, until now, been stored only in the finest libraries in the world.

When you read you must remember that your preconceived ideas are the result of your upbringing and life experiences. These will hinder your understanding of the Bible. We must become as little children, and learn anew.

Your trusted advisors in life: parents, teachers, ministers, government officials have all been trapped in the same matrix that you were raised in. And, until your eyes have been opened you cannot see the kingdom of God that is all around you.

The kingdom came 2000 years ago, unless Jesus was an impotent incompetent, or a liar. Did He not pray to the Father: Thy Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven? Well…Was His prayer successful, or not? If it was successful then where is this kingdom? If He was not successful, then He WASN”T the Savior!!!! You decide, there cannot be any other conclusion.

Relax, I can prove the kingdom came. He is the Savior!

But, if you’re reading from the NIV you might not be able to figure an awful lot of things out. The fact is, there are 64,000 alterations from the KJV. In some cases entire verses have simply been clipped from the text! Some of those omissions prevent you from learning the entire story of the life and times of Christ and the apostles. Other words are deliberately altered to LEAD YOU ASTRAY!

Another thing to consider…if ever hauled into court, and asked to give an account of your behavior, you will LOSE your case quoting from the NIV, NASB, or any other version than the KJV. That’s just the way the courts are set up.

I hope this helps.




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