Thank you!

It’s a milestone and I thank each of you for your appreciation and attention.  I hope some of you read the posts, but truthfully, these posts are my commitment to me to keep my eye on my Lord, Jesus Christ.

200 followers is a wow to me because when I started this blog, I gave no thought to followers and as stunned when one of you would put your trust in me and click the button.  So, what started out as zero expectations had grown and I thank each of you and I hope from time-to-time my posts encourage you, inspire you, educate you, bring you closer to SChrist.  God Bless!!


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I am a father of five a loving father an involved father. I have my struggles, I have my days, but I have the lord to be with me to get me through. I view my life sometimes like that of Naomi. I do the best I can, but I am bitter because things seem to have been taken away, but I am also stronger and a better human being overall. I pray I am walking and doing God's plan. I pray he would use me more. God Bless and thank you for your love and support.

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