What is Your Version?

I wrote this back in 2010. It was motivated by a friend who let me know of the weaknesses of the version I had chosen.  He did not diminish me, he just pointed out some weaknesses he was aware of in my version of the Bible.  His revelation to me, caused me to realize there seemed to be a bit of snobbish people had about the version they chose.    After I published this, he wrote three very long and good comments about the Bible, the translations and versions, all well written and none of it diminished anyone or the version they chose.  I am posting my initial post and the next two posts will be his three comments back to me.  I hope you read them all and leave me your comments, thoughts, ideas!   God Bless!

Here is a link to a PDF file with a lengthy explanation about key issues to look for in Bible translations: How To Compare Bible Versions

What is your version?

This might be a question you get from a fellow Christian and might be used as a way of classifying you as a Christian.

I was never aware there was a debate about which translated version of the Bible is the “best” until a friend of mine just happened to say, “You aren’t using the NIV are you?”  In addition, continued to tell me about a couple ‘acclaimed’ errors in the NIV, which I validated.

This prompted me to do some research on the different versions of the Bible.  My findings were very, very surprising.  Firstly because there is a very heated debate over the versions of the Bible and which one is the ‘best’ or most accurate.  Secondly, I have been around all faiths of Christians my entire life and never heard of this debate, which means I guess I am ignorant.

In short the results of my brief research;

  1. There seems to be as much evidence of inaccuracies of every version.
  1. It is agreed none of the English translations can be considered ‘Devine’ because it is still a translation and even more importantly, we don’t have the true originals to compare.
  1. Many of the arguments against one version or the other are details none other than a true Bible scholar looking for such discrepancies would notice.
  2. The version YOU choose should be based on your desired use.
  3. It is recommended to have more than one version for example the NIV for ease of reading and the NASB for study.


One concern did come from my research.  There seemed to be a sense of ‘thou greater than you’ if you do not use a particular version.  We already have a division of the churches; debating or separating our brothers and sisters individually by insisting they are not true Christians by the version of the Bible they read is breaking up the church at its foundation, the people!

If your brother and/or sister believe as you do; then embrace and love each other as Jesus Christ commanded of his disciples.


Links to comments – very good read:

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