Uncertainty . . . is OK

This is my last post on this subject, I hope forever.  I have two previous posts: 1) Only the Only Version? And KJV Only . . .

I don’t know why, but I truly got addicted to learning more about the KJV onlyKJVOnlyOnly perspective.  In a way, I was looking for something others have missed, but on inspection, the K JV only and their only claim was on their emotions, but not on facts.

As I said before, I am ok with you someone wanting to have a version Bible as their preferred version.  I am not ok though with you marketing your version as the best version and all others as somehow inferior.

As I was thinking about your (The KJV Only) perspective and was thinking about the following two parallel perspectives.  1) There are Pastors that are calling out other Pastors which don’t seem to be preaching the Gospel, even though these Pastors are very, very popular.  We, Christians, also believe our belief, faith, love and the following of Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. FalseTeachers_better

So from this standpoint, I truly understand how one can feel that their perspective is the only one.  When people point out issues with the Christian faith, we have all sorts of explanations.  Most of the time they seem reasonable, sometimes they are not, yet we go on believing.  Why?

Because we believe we live in a universe, a world where we simply don’t have all the


answers.  In addition, even though we may have some holes in our facts, that is it, only holes, nobody else has presented something else that explains our existence in this world better.  So, just showing some logic issues, does not refute the fundamental facts.

The difference however, at least with the believing in God and the following of Jesus, there has not been fundamental facts presented which refute Christianity, at best it questions some of the facts, but no replacement.  The issue with the preachers, I don’t care if they are false preachers in Christ’s name, I don’t know their heart, but what I have chosen to do is to follow Jesus, not a man preacher.

KJV_NIV Deleted VerseHowever, there is no facts that sustain the perspective the KJV Bible is superior, if anything when the facts are uncovered, the KJV is more questionable than the moder versions, such as the NASB, ESV and NIV.  Also in fact, the difference between the KJV and modern versions is truly very little and none question the deity of God.

The main issue I have with those who claim the KJV Bible only is the best is they state how many verses were removed or how many less times God or Jesus or another word is mentioned.  However, they make this claim not against the original Hebrew or Greek, but as compared to the KJV.  That’s like the NASB comparing itself to the ESV and them against the NIV, but never going back to the original text. NIVBiblenasbbibleesvsbhbk

As I discovered the complexity of translating, the issue has to do with context than almost anything else.  Word for word often does not translate directly, so even in the word-for-word translations, there is still the need to have a dynamic translation.

We need people to challenge us, we become stronger in our faith when we get challenged.  Those that state KJV only are good for us, because maybe you do what I’ve done and learned more about the translating process than I ever thought I would know.  We need people like Bart Erhman that challenges those things we don’t question. BartErhman

If any of those challenges we face, knocks off our faith completely, then maybe we were looking for that reason If we do find ourselves questioning our faith, then it could be and should be a motivation to seek more truth.  In those times, we maybe cannot find the whole truth, we can ask God directly through prayer.





11 thoughts on “Uncertainty . . . is OK

  1. Hello Christ disciple. 🙂

    Let me say that I have enjoyed your articles, and you have one that I especially cherish that I linked in my notable posts page.

    May I share with you please, that I too once believed exactly as you express your position in this article; (I used to be a NASB man all the way).

    And I am here in kindness to you, (not to debate with you), you are free to believe however you want.

    But I present something to you for your consideration, (and you don’t even need to respond to me, just pray about it please).

    Look modern bible versions, and examine the wording that they use to identify the subject of Isaiah 14.12.

    The KJV identifies the subject of Isaiah 14.12 as “Lucifer.”

    While many modern bible versions identify Lucifer in Isaiah 14.12 as “day star.”

    (Note please that “day star,” is Jesus Christ in 2 Peter 1.19).

    And this extreme wording-difference is not a difference of scholarly opinion about how to translate a given word in Isaiah 14.12.
    Because the Westcott and Hort derivatives (all modern bible versions) are translated from different manuscripts than the KJV is translated from.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this thought with you.

    In kindness,

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    1. I will look; and unless either one of us is willing or does read Greek/Hebrew then we have to trust the translators. I uses several versions, as you may notice in many of my posts. God Bless and thank you for your very polite response/post!!

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  2. Interesting trilogy on the KJV-only perspective. I’ve engaged in discussion with strong believers who have told me that the KJV is (1) the truest translation of the original and (2) responsible for transforming more lives. I don’t hold to either perspective, although I will concede that the KJV, having been around longer than other English language versions, probably has been used more than modern translations. The problem I see with the KJV is that we don’t talk that way anymore! The antiquated language, which was modern prose at the time, sounds foreign to our ears and can be an impediment to seekers and new believers. I see the KJV as a wall around the “true believers” who know what the text means. It can be difficult for those wanting to learn what Jesus and His disciples were telling us if they have to struggle through the wording. Interesting to me, also, is that I am unaware of any other translation whose devotees claim it is the only true translation. I enjoy reading the Word through multiple translations, both in English and in Spanish. I learn so much more through the various translations. Thanks for taking us through the discussion!

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    1. What I do find somewhat puzzling, did it take so long for the US to come up with its own version of the Bible, such as the NIV? I have to agree, 400 years is a long time, but still does not mean it is the ONLY version. Remember, even in the Greek/Hebrew text, there are differences, Thank you for sharing your perspective!! God Bless you.

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  3. I grew up in a KJV world. It has become an NIV world today, but one friend was irate that the NIV uses expiation instead of propitiation. He prefers the NASB as a result. My problem is that I start to write a post and I know that “___” is in the Bible somewhere. I cannot find it in the NIV, but I use a search for the phrase in the KJV and it’s there. I guess all that Bible verse memorization stuck somewhere in this old brain.

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    1. I understand what you mean. I don’t profess one version is superior over the other. You may notice, I post using several versions. I like reading the “word for word” to the paraphrased. It helps really understand the intent of the verse. I even understand the desire of having “your version” as the best. My first Bible was from a friend, he got me the NIV so I could and would read it. He felt, and probably was right, if he had gotten me the KJV, it would have sat on the bookshelf. My point, we should not argue version, because they all say God is God, they all say Jesus is the son of God and He dies and was raised from the dead for payment of our sins. So, let’s talk about how wonderful the Lord our God is, rather than argue about the 1/2 of 1% of difference between versions. God Bless, thank you for the feedback.

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