I blasphemed in church tonight!!

embarrassed at church

It is Wednesday night church and I am sitting in the back.  I listened to our speaker giving his testimonial, a moving one, and good delivery.  The lead Pastor comes up to close the night, he is a young Pastor with no formal training in Theology and he likes always to try and amp things up.  So, I am sitting there, just waiting for him to finish the request for prayers.  Like many times, he tries to take it to an amplified emotional step, so I am sitting there and all of a sudden, he wants everyone to stand for the prayer.  At that moment, I accidentally let out my frustration with his methodology.  Because he always is trying to make the moment bigger than it seems to need to be.  Instead of just letting it flow . . . and I have to admit, I have some pent-up frustration with his preaching antics.  The worst part is a woman sitting a couple rows in front of me, I think she heard me.

As I walked out to my car, I began to think maybe it is time for me to change churches.  NewChurch

I may not be able to find a church I like because I am against or resist the antics which seem to me to be more about the Church and the Pastor then Jesus or God.FancyChurch

Here are some of the things which attribute to my attitude:

The now, Lead Pastor is not a Theologian.  Not all Pastors have to be formally educated but in today’s world, it really helps.  Why, because now we all have Bibles, have study Bibles and have access to the internet.  Thus, for our Pastor to have superior knowledge, it just about demands they have at a minimum a degree in Theology if not a Ph.D.

It is clear he does not have a Theology degree because each time he preaches, no matter what he starts to preach, he falls back on the inspiration, motivational aspect of preaching and without a doubt, always reminds us that if God can make this lost nineteen-year-old a Pastor, God can do anything.Chadandwife  I don’t disagree with this, but every time he preaches, he reminds us of the fact.  I am very proud of him, but I am there for a refill on God, not to be proud of my Pastor.

The second thing which has me feeling we are glorifying the pastor more than God is when he asks us to continually repeat words.  If he is talking about repentance, he will say everyone say “repentance”.  Again, I understand, but after a while, it seems to me, it is his way of getting applause without asking for applause.  Additionally, in his sermon, he will ask, “If you are glad you are at church, say ‘I  am'”  These little things become irritating to me because, I am already in Church, I am there because I want to be.  It’s like me going to the gym and someone asking me: “Are you glad you are here to work out?”

PastorAltarCallThe last thing which seems to cause me grief is the altar call.  After the sermon, the Pastor talks emotionally to us.  “I don’t know what you are going through, maybe it is . . .” this or that or the other, but you are going through a hardship, bring it here to the altar, and take it off your shoulders and give it to the Lord.

Part of the issue I have with this is it feels and looks like, it is the Pastor who is receiving the prayers because all the while folks are going to the altar, they are standing on the stage above the folks coming to the altar.  This altar call is done every service and seems as though, or feels as though it is a reflection on the Pastor rather than a prayer to God.  altarPrayer_self

You see, there seems to be a lot of things Christians do that are not in the Bible.  From having 1/2 the time in Church dedicated to singing to “The Lord”, to the celebrating “Lent” and other small things that seem to be more tradition than Christian.

CongregationSingingWe all know this:  We celebrate Sabbath on Sunday rather than Saturday, we celebrate Christmas and Easter.  All are more of a secular tradition than Biblical.  What is funny to me, the one holiday we don’t attribute to our Christian faith, I believe is more Christian than the other two, this is Thanksgiving.  Just the name of the holiday seems like it should be Christian.  But it is the only holiday dedicated only to family and giving thanks for the things we have.

KidsSingingChurchIf I offended you by my complaints, I am sorry.  But I do feel as though our churches get filled up more with things to glorify our Church and Pastor than God.  Oh, like when the Pastor asks us to glorify God and show Him some appreciation by clapping, hooting and yelling.  Again, in Church, I just don’t feel as though I need to prove to anyone my love, my faith, my relationship with God.

I am really fascinated with all the sermons one can find on YouTube.  I am being more educated than ever before.  One of the constant themes is how the church is getting absorbed into the secular world.  It reminds me of the complaint about Lauren Daigle.  As she has moved from the Christian music genre into the pop secular world, she has absorbed, kept close to her chest, her Christianity.  The same as the Church is doing, they try and not be too Christian because they want and need to the congregation to increase in size.  As Lauren wants her audience to increase in size.

This is all done with the spirit of God in our hearts, but as we let loose of our faith in order to attain none Christian rewards, we get swallowed.  And without knowing it, when we look at who we are, we realize that we have not been a Christian for some time.

AlistarBeggBack to my major point, changing the church I go to.  Will I find a church that does not do these things – maybe some, but not all.  But the main reason to change a church is why I have chosen a church in the past, that is the Senior Pastor.  JohnMCArthur




12 thoughts on “I blasphemed in church tonight!!

  1. I do not go to “church” because as a Christian we are the church. I know people will bring up gathering together of the saints, but He unites His church. You do not go to a church of people and say you are a united gathering of saints. He naturally unites His people and they will worship Him together because that is what Christians do.

    A lot of churches are about themselves and about the worship of the pastor instead of about Jesus. There is only one shepherd and that is Jesus Christ (John 10). He calls out the false teacher all over the bible. He opened my eyes to Ezekiel 13-14; Ezekiel 33-34.

    We are to be led by the Holy Spirit and not taught by a man. We are to call nobody father, rabbi, or teacher… because there is only One in Heaven.

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    1. I agree with you I do attend church though on a regular basis. I like hearing the Senior Pastor give us his insights to the Bible and challenge us to be better Christians. However, as you say and Pastor’s like Paul Washer warn us of idolizing the church our pastor. I am not sure when I decided to do this, but I became the person I will follow who will follow Jesus. God Bless, hope we talk again.


    2. I agree. It seems many people put too much stock into their Pastors, rather than following Christ personally. God Bless, look forward to more interaction with you.


  2. Hey buddy good mornin to you.

    I sympathize with your anguish over institutional religion.
    I have very similar thoughts to many of the points that you presented here.

    I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on institutional religion, to help you see that others struggle with this issue too, (myself).

    Personally, I can’t stand it when I feel as though I’m being manipulated, with their ultimate goal of taking money from my account, and getting it into their account.
    All kinds of tactics are employed.
    From focusing on the preacher as someone special, to seminar-type preaching, to the stage, to the misrepresentation of a Christian’s giving them money, (see my article: “the old covenant tithe is obsolete in the new covenant”).

    But I don’t want a seminary trained pastor. Because all you’re going to get is a reproduced mouthpiece for the systematic theology of their school. (Yuck)!
    Nor do I want some kid preacher.

    No, give me a gathering of equals, preferably outdoors, where no one is on any religious payroll. Give me a gathering where everyone contributes to the meeting. (Something akin to Sunday school class at a round table, where everyone contributes to the meeting, and no one person dominates the discussion. With the Holy Ghost leading the gathering).

    My friend, I have joined and quit several churches.
    I want to belong with a group of believers, but the americanized model of church just hasn’t worked out well for me.

    You’re right, it is focused on one man who is elevated above others, and I don’t go along with the borrowed roman catholic methods of stand sit stand either.

    Let the gathering be focused on the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Let genuine grace be magnified without dilution, let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.

    All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

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    1. I agree with you so much on the perspective of people gathering together, nobody is elevated larger than any other. In truth, that is how the Church should be, I believe. I am guessing then too, you believe we are quickly entering the last days, thus I am feeling/believing those of us who truly believe the end of times is within our stretch of life, we maybe should start connecting together for strength and support. So many won’t see the tidal wave of evil about to overwhelm them, it will be our job not to just help our fellow Christians, but those who persecuted us for our beliefs, but not do believe. God Bless, thank you for your kind words, and words of wisdom. God Bless.


          1. A few random thoughts…

            I don’t know that preacher who you were listening to, so my comment about “I don’t want a kid preacher” was in the generic sense, not specifically about the man who you were listening to Christ disciple.

            I was referencing the types who are very young, have little life experiences, and have a know it all attitude.

            And I don’t know by your article how you blasphemed.
            (Are you sure that you did)?
            Blasphemed who or what?

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          2. And our fun conversations here in this thread motivated me to write a related article this morning.
            I really enjoyed writing it too Christ disciple.
            Come check it out, I believe you might be encouraged by it.

            You aren’t alone in your frustration with religion my friend.

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          3. It was verbal and I did not want to repeat it, just wanted to admit I had done it and was sorry I had done it out loud. I understood what you meant by a kid preacher, however; our preacher really is not a kid, he is in his mid 30’s, but still a kid 🙂

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  3. I understand your concerns. My husband I attended a church for years and it became more and more about the “show.” Bible studies were dropped, women’s ministry was dropped, and senior church members who volunteered were asked to step down so younger people could have their positions (fail; they didn’t step up). I was disenchanted to say the least. But I made myself ask some hard questions about their new direction because I didn’t want to leave angry. In the end, I understood their motive was to get young people saved, then engaged and involved. I did not allow myself to ascertain whether or not they were being successful, I just agreed with their goals. Although their new footprint wasn’t for me I had peace about leaving. So we found another church that fit us and there was no animosity that tempted us to talk badly about the old church. All this to say, I truly get what you are saying but leave with peace in your heart so Satan doesn’t tempt you. It is okay for a churches platform to not be right for you, just find the one that does make sense so you can find joy in worshipping again. Be blessed!

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