I did not make it . . . did you?

Have you ever looked at something that seemed remarkable, like a house, a car, a piece of art, a computer and P1wonder who made it, how it was made?  Isn’t it remarkable when we find out the answers, it is always someone and somebody who made it?  

Yet, when we get up in the morning and we look into the mirror, I wonder if we wonder who made that, how was it made? The wild part, nobody has the answer, nobody can show you how that face came about. They can tell you it was from the copulation between a man and a woman.  Which of course leads to even more questions.  How did all of this get created, who did it.  I just cannot believe we expect an answer about the art, the computer, but accept the concept that we, nature just was there, it just is. 


But we know about the cycle of life, we know the amount of air is limited, the water we drink is limited, we are not masters of the universe, for we cannot even make what already is.   We can make only from what we have been given.  I love this joke between God and Satan.  They are having a contest to create mankind.  God reaches down and scoops up a handful of dirt and bP3reathes life into it.  Satan, unimpressed reaches down and starts to scoop up some dirt, God interrupts him and says: “Get your own dirt”  This is how I feel about us who expect an answer to who made what, but think we cannot accept the fact that actually someone, somebody made us and the earth, the universe


P4We look at these creations and don’t wonder how?  Some wonder about a computer but don’t demand an answer to the brain.  Even today, we don’t know all the areas of the brain, we don’t know how it does what it does.  Its see’s, it hears, it remembers, it controls our muscles, it controls everything about us, yet who created it? 


 I wonder about how we cannot wonder how we became to be.  I wonder, about how we don’t wonder about how everything seems to circle and be balanced.  So, I wonder how we don’t wonder about ourselves, yet there is still the world around us, like the wonders of the world. 


I don’t believe any of us, who know these things, just by looking at them, know there is a human creator behind each.  Yet, when we look at our world, the incredibly complex, balanced world we live in, we accept that there is no creator.TechCollage

Yet, an answer has been given to us.  We know it both inherently and with His written word in the Bible.  Yet, with this revelation, many people still believe someone created everything but themselves and the world they live in.  I find this illogical.



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