True Colors

True Colors
Monday, May 11, 2020
1:09 PM

Was there ever a time that white was white, yellow was yellow, green was green, and blue was blue? Colors were there colors. I have heard about a color, but I have never seen it, I am sure you have heard of it too, but as me, never seen it on a color chart. This color is “A White Lie”. A white lie consisted of mostly truth, but maybe a tad exaggeration, a tad off the truth, but its goal was to minimize the punishment of the act.

The other day at work, I had a difference of opinion of what was green and what was yellow. We wear those bright florescent colored vests to make sure our customers see us when we are out in the area of the cars for whatever task we are performing. I called them green, two others of my co-workers called them yellow. It is odd to me how one color can be viewed as two different. How is that possible, each person, assuming our eyes are working correctly, can view one item and see two totally different colors?

In our current world where truth seems to be more of the popular opinion rather than a fact, how do we find truth. We all agree there is a white lie, but is it truth? I guess it depends on how strict we are on the definition of truth.

What brought me to this writing is one of hope. I was wondering if those I seem to at the opposite side of the political spectrum, if we could pick something and agree it was truth or a lie. For example, could we find one thing Trump said, what we would both agree was a truth, and maybe one thing Trump said was a lie and both agree on both. Then do the same with Biden, Hillary, or Obama. Could each of us see the same color?

When I thought this through, the color chart hit me. I remember seeing a color chart with 100 colors of white alone. Most of them, I personally could not tell the difference between most of them. And when I have two co-workers and myself, not agreeing about a single color as well. So, how do we agree which one is the white, in order for us to define the others, we have to agree on which one is white, yet there are so many variances of white.

Like in math, there is a relevance for truth, there seems to be an agreement of how numbers work. There sometimes is not an agreement in application and what they mean, but each still agrees on 1+1=2. In the perspective of color, we can also use the relevance of numbers to define the color whether we agree with the perspective. Even then, we have to agree with the chemist, the chemical make-up of what is white. It is so complex, because what is truth becomes a matter of opinion and sometimes not even that, it is how we perceive it. For example, the difference between me and my co-worker’s opinion of the color of the safety vest; green or yellow?

Is truth/lie based on how it hits your emotional system or how badly it effects your nervous system? Is it based on popular opinion?

But truth can be determined; it is either proven or unproved. We have seen this in the court system. Evidence is brought forward, and the “truth” is revealed. Yet is it? As the truth is revealed, a group of people, make an estimate on whether the evidence was true enough to produce a verdict of guilty or innocence.

In the movie the “Training Day” a classic line which is so real today was said: “It’s not what you know, it’ what you can prove.”

I believe the reason I like sports, math and science more so than others, the reason why, is when you get to the end, it seems we are not dealing with someone opinion we are dealing with truths. If we do a math problem and we get it wrong, we can track back through the math and find out where it is, where the lack of truth was done.

Back to my original thought, can my friends on the other side of the political aisle and I find an element of what the truth is or what is a lie. So much of what is in the political speak is bent, it is bent into the view “It could be viewed as this way” even though I believe we know it was not meant that way. An accident becomes intentional, a misspeak becomes racist, a truth becomes a lie, all because it does not fit into our personal beliefs. And we cannot find the strength within ourselves to admit when the truth was spoken on the other side of the aisle or a lie was done on ours. Again, what I like about sports. When entering the arena, one can say whatever you want, but in the end, the truth of your ability speaks the truth, one cannot claim foul, one can I guess, but the score speaks the truth..

Regardless of where we are on the political arena, I pray we all in the end do share one truth. This truth is Jesus Christ came and died for our sins, was resurrected on the third day and promised us an eternity in heaven by: 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. . .”
Matthew 22:37 (ESV)

My final thought. Thinking about what truth is or what it is not, where would we be without God, without the One Truth? God Bless!

The Conflict

Friday, May 8, 2020
2:31 PM

I wrote a bit on this previously, but I guess I feel compelled to write again, thus if you read the previous post and this is repetitive, it is because I feel I did not say all I felt in the first one or the frustration again has bubbled up and I feel the need to relieve some of the pressure.

In the matter, no one is really wrong, it is just I do not agree with one side of the argument as I do the other.

Let us start with the woman who made her way to fame by announcing she is going to defy the National and State order not to open her business. She was loud in her quest; she was on several radio talk shows as well as the local TV news. Thus, EVERYONE, I am sure including the Governor and even the President of the United States heard of her quest.

She said, and I am paraphrasing, she had to open because she had no other way to provide income for her family. She also felt the responsibility to open because folks that rent out spaces in her solon were also facing the same issue, inability to provide funds to feed their family.

The conflict is in the moral principal, based on what she expressed as her reason for defying the law, should she be allowed? From a personal perspective, it seemed that she was doing what she needed to do, most of us would agree. No different that a person who steal food in order to feed themselves and/or their family. In both cases, the law was broken. However, again, here is the moral conflict. Should someone be able to break the law, regardless of motivation, and not be punished for it. Is that the principal of the law? If you have a good enough reason to break the law, a convincing enough story, should they be able to break the law?

Let us look at this salon’s owner’s options. If her need were ONLY to feed herself, her parents and help her “employees” do the same, was her only option to break the law? I do not know, but to me, there is a possibility she did not exhaust all the local foodbanks, possible loans, and other options for a potentially starving family. I am not sure if she reached out to others in the same boat to learn what they were doing and how they were dealing with it. Did she call other hair salon owners similar to her and see what they were doing. Did they get the PPE loans and SBA loans the government had released recently for those in financial trouble?

Because her business was forced to close because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and because people are now starting to feel the government is using this pandemic as an excuse to exercise control over the public and their behaviors, this protest is being revered as courageous by a great many, including most talk show hosts, media and even the Governor of the state she lives in. Well, I do not know if the Governor supports that decision, but he did not support the actions of his officials took when she continued to defy the order to remain closed.

She was taken to court and unfortunately lectured by the judge with a request to state she was wrong and selfish for her actions. If she would do this, he would let her go, without it, she would be fined $7,000.00 and 7 days in jail. Regardless of how we feel about the law, the ruling, I believe we have to agree there is a law and she broke it. The wind of opinion and the supreme court have flamed the outrage overruled the decision of the lower court judge and she was let out the next day.

To me, the seemingly trending feeling is how unempathetic our government is. They cannot believe this lady, who defied the law – blatantly, was arrested and put into prison. Now, the foundation of many people’s feelings stem, it seems, is that the close down is no longer necessary, it was not necessary and that we are being lied to by the government in order to use the “danger” to keep us in our houses so the government can take more control of our lives.

But the public does not make policy via empathy. The law was created to be equally distributed to everyone. The courts, however, have the ability to what degree the law should be applied.

The situation reminds me of a story I read in a College English class. It was a story of a car driving out in the flat lands where one could see miles in every direction. As the car is speeding down the road, a stop sign appears. The moral dilemma, should the car stop because those are the rules, or should the car drive through it because the purpose of the stop sign is to minimize danger of drivers driving in all 4 directions, but to the driver, there is no danger the stop sign was designed to prevent, for the driver could see in every direction for miles and there is no threat.

Let us for argument sake, the driver decides not to stop, but there is a traffic officer observing and pulls over the driver, gives them a ticket. When the driver goes to court, the judge asks the driver to understand the rules of the stop sign were not put there for here interpretation, but were for everyone driving regardless of their perception of danger or purpose. Let us add even more to the story, what if the driver had a pregnant wife and was on the verge of delivering and the driver was speeding to the hospital.

Back to the salon owner. What is deeply troubling about her efforts, was if she simply waited one more week, the state was implementing and opening up business strategy which included salon owners and barbers and other similar businesses.

The fallout of defying the law and allowing it is a problem to the rest of us. If we say ok here, then how do we enforce it in another situation, how does the law apply it.

Although I agree and understand both sides of the situation, what I do not understand is the defiance on the count people feel the government is coming after our individual rights. Yes, people point out to some, and I say some, because it is not a majority by a closeness where the government has overstepped boundaries. But this is not an ordeal what was invented by the government, it has not been in place for years, even a half of year, not even a 1/4 of a year, but a couple of months. The reason was because a virus was released in the United States and was infecting and killing people at an alarming rate. To slow this virus down on infecting people, the government implemented the stay-at-home order. So, in my ending of hopefully my last post on this. You see, I do not understand the trend to defy, we have not been in this lane of constraint for no reason and not for exceedingly long. Finally, our president, who created the greatest economy in some time, wants us to resume asap to being an open and free economy, so I don’t see how others can conclude the government is wanting to take away our rights, when our president is not in the audience of those who do. God Bless!!

Virus Or Politics or Human Rights?


So, this virus from China suddenly comes to American and explodes. From February 2020 – May 2020, the virus has infected over a million just in the United States. In these few short months, it has been the cause of more than 50,000 deaths. In a bad year, the flu causes around the same number of deaths, but that is in a 12-month period and with the flu shot. So, if we multiply this out, we get 50,000 in 3-month x 4 quarters and get 200,000 deaths. Significantly more than the flu.

This virus has done something that, I guess invokes the natural response of us humans because we are a diverse set of human being. Let me start my story, my perspective:

When the virus first hit, I have to admit it was very scary. From a location in China, within a few months is scattered itself across the world. To me that is amazing how this is possible and shows how fast a virus spread. It whipped through the united states threatening us virtually in almost every city.

What is even more spectacular is the following: We, the public, have chosen to view the rules some of our state and local officials as authoritarian, communistic, down right against our constitutional rights. In some cases, a Governor of a state limited what you could buy in a Walmart. Some state and local officials seemed to focus more on one religious group than another. The Government seems to have closed down some businesses in the effort to reduce social interaction. For example, they closed venues such as concerts, sporting events and restaurants, but left places like Walmart alone. Which does make sense, people still need to eat and shop.

The threat, it has not yet diminished, but to many American’s, we have gotten through the peak of the threat and feel comfortable that we have not gotten it, such as we should not have to self-quarantine any more.

They have taken the opposite perspective on the politicians now, they have become the politicians, they are now claiming that “we have a right to return to work. . ., it is our constitutional right to do so”

So, in this fog of a virus, of which no one knows what to expect, we only know what has happened. Our experts are guessing, and guessing is all they have. We have a polarization between the government and the people. The government is saying “Stay home – we don’t think it is that safe yet.” The people are saying, your threat was false, the danger is less and guess what, we need to provide for our family. And the more the people do not feel the threat, it seems the more they are thinking is it a governmental invasion of their will.

It is not out of reach that some governmental officials are trying to take advantage of the pandemic to advance their agenda. When a Bill in congress to send money to business and workers to offer some relief because of the stay at home order, the Bill was packed with items that had no relationship to what the purpose of the Bill was. However, they knew how important it was for the President to get this Bill passed, so they added things they knew he could not eliminate for if he did, it would jeopardize the Bill getting passed and of course, it then would become a political bomb. Each side blaming the other.

As we have gotten used to the Pandemic, our fear of it has gotten less and our feat of being able to pay our bill and put food on the table has grown. It seems as though, if the virus has not touched our front door, then we have become embolden to denounce it.

Everyone, except experts, seem to have now questioned the danger, the need, the results of the pandemic. Everyone has a bold opinion; everyone seems to have become an expert, and many are now questioning the validity of the statistics. The one thing which I do no hear from those who are seemingly to want to boldly go back to work, is their willingness to take responsibility for those they might infect and the results from that infection. I have heard “I am not afraid”. I am not afraid either, but it is being infected and possibly infecting those that I love, those that I respect.

Let me give you a personal example: About 20 years ago, my mom was dying of advanced COPD. My dad worked in another city and stayed there during the week. My sister and our families were close to where my parents’ house was. So, we took turns going by and keeping my mom company. One day, I had a little bit of a cold and I went by anyway, I did not want to miss my mom. When I got there, she asked about the cold and then let me know, that she was very suspectable to infection and a cold could actually kill her – even faster. Because of that experience, I have not seen my kids during this pandemic. They live with their grandparents currently. My dad is 80 and has had some issues and his wife is 73+. Even though I want to see my kids and visit with my dad, I cannot justify it is worth taking the risk of infecting my dad. If he became sick because of me or not, if it happened after I visited, the guilt and doubt would always be there. So, my question to everyone that feels their rights are being trampled on. Whose rights are you trampling on by deciding it is your right to go back to an environment that could possibly put you at an even higher possibility of getting infected?

Regardless , we are at a pinnacle of danger. The virus has not gone away. And if we start acting like it has, then there is a huge possibility we are the wind the flames and ember back into a forest fire.

I understand both sides, however, I am not feeling threatened by the government. The reason I do not is because I have not been confined in the way that others feel they have. To me, I see how, like in the Bill in congress, advantages were taken. But in all, it seems like we are in a construction zone period. I feel as though it is too early to be calling conspiracy. The danger has not yet fully passed. My hope is whatever we do, we do not flame the ember.


Trial Run . . .

In the book of Revelation, there are verses about “man” having to have the number 666 on his hand:

Revelation 9:13–15 (NIV)

13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.

Revelation 13:16-17 NIV
It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, [17] so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Revelation 13:18 NIV
This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

I have always wondered how this would be implemented. How would we be coursed into doing such a thing? As I walked through Walmart today, I had an epiphany. I am not sure it is right, but it seemed to make sense.

I was in Wal-Mart just to get my “normal” groceries, nothing more, but because of the run on the stores, my few options I normally have no issue getting were even fewer. I first went to get some Aleve. I thought, should be normal, but almost all of it was sold out, I had to buy a more expensive bottle than I would have liked. I went to the bean isle, none were left of the category I usually purchase. I was lucky and got a bag of chicken meat. So, I went to get tortillas, nope, virtually none left. I was surprised to see some water still on the shelves, but only because I believe Wal-Mart has made it one item only purchase.

All of this leads me to wonder. In the case of an actual emergency, how would all of us survive, if only some of us bought all the food and water? I have been to food banks before. They try and make it fair that one family does not come in and try and get more than any other family. You have to bring in ID, a piece of mail that has your name on it and your address within the last 30 days or something similar.

At the grocery store, we cannot do that. How do we know if you have gotten your allotment of food and/or water? How do we know you are approved to get food and or water, even for that matter, medicine, and doctor treatment.

It also made it very clear to me how in the Bible it states how disease and famine will punish a percentage of the human population. We have seen a test case of this, for the most part, non-lethal virus. Think about if this was a one exposure you die type of virus? It Does not care about your age or your health, you get exposed, you die. Think of how easy it would be to spread!

Roam through the pictures I took at Walmart today at around 11:30 AM. The one of the beer, I found to be funny/ironic, but it’s pallets were still full. Maybe if we drank a little more beer, we would have less anxiety and take this in a more methodical way.

If I do have a fear, it is more of: If we react this way to a mild-to-moderate threat, how will we react when a severe threat to humanity threatens us? Will we stomp over people to get into and out of the store, will we lose our humanity. My thinking is for the rational, do your shopping gradually, build up your supply, so when a moment comes like this one, you are already – ready.

God Bless!!

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Stop – Insert God!

I am sitting her at Starbucks trying to draw a diagram of how I would like my restaurant layout to look.  I happened clicked on YouTube and started listening to a commentary on Grace Vanderwaal’s Windex “Lucy” commercial.  As I saw the baby its first steps, then grow up into an adult, it made me realize how many moments I have missed with my kids.

It also made me realize, that you don’t get a second chance  really to be a parent to the gifts of God that were given to you.  This made me realize, I will never be able to be there for my kids in those moments, I missed them, someone else felt they should be there for me.  It made me angry and hurt, and lonely and resentful.


As I was processing these feelings, a young lady came over and sat down next to me.  I took off my headphones and she said: “When I saw you, I felt God was telling me to come over and talk with you.  He wants you to know, he had not forgotten you, he understands and has a gregarious plan for you, and most importantly, he loves you.”

It was perfect timing, it washed away, like in the Windex “commercial” I was watching all those feelings and replaced them with gratitude for my God, for the things that I have had in my life and gave me a boost in my spirit that maybe I just really needed.

Thank you God, you are always perfect!