Rhythm of Life

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I believe life is to be lived, not worked, enjoyed, not agonized, loved, not hated.


What is your Rhythm?

Rhythm of Life

How we pick our lives; the pace and what we do to me is no different than those of athletes.  Each athlete seems to find a sport, an event which fits there body, their personality.  And when they train, they train in a way which maximizes there potential.  Why is this observation of value; well to me picking what we do for our lives is just as important as an athlete picking the right sport and event?

But it seems like many, many of us don’t take this into consideration when we start our lives.  And this is reflected in the incredible increase in people stressing, needing drugs to sustain a pace, to calm themselves down, to wake themselves up.   And in all of this; it seems that there are some who are naturally able to constantly work at a high rate, yet there are many of us who are not designed to work at this incredibly high expected rate of work.

Think about it this way, if a sprinter spent his career trying to be a long distant runner, would they be as successful and would you guess it would be an incredible strain on them physically and mentally?  The same as a long distance runner trying to run the 100 meters, how would it affect them.  And if they could not be successful, would we call them failures?

My point is, I believe we each have a unique rhythm, a rhythm which brings harmony to our lives; but so many of us are trying to run our lives at someone else’s rhythm and pace, one our body, and mind cannot sustain, thus the gradual break down of our physical and mental soundness.

Have you found your rhythm?

Are you stuck in a dance you cannot get out of, does your health and mental soundness have to digress before you change?

Are we teaching or telling your children, how important it is to find a lifestyle which fits there personal rhythm?



Good Workout

Not a lot to say today about my workout.  I felt as though I went slower for some reason, which was nice not to feel in a hurry and still got out about the same time as I usually do.

My shoulder is feeling better.  I am able to do the full bench press motion with only a small pinch of pain, well it feels larger than a pinch, but in comparison to how it did feel.  I could not even bring the bar half way down, now I can do complete reps, with only the bar.

Workout 6/6/2018 Aerobics/Legs

Squats 45 30.00
Squats 45 30.00
Jump Rope 100.00
Squats 135 30.00
Flys 130 15.00
Flys 130 12.00
Flys 130 10.00
Flys 130 10.00
Flys 130 10.00
Lat Pulls 100 10.00
Lat Pulls 120 10.00
Lat Pulls 140 8.00
Lat Pulls 150 8.00
Lat Pulls 160 8.00
Lat Pulls 180 8.00
cg Lat Pulls 180 5.00
cg Lat Pulls 180 5.00
cg Lat Pulls 180 5.00
Bent Over Rows 95 10.00
Bent Over Rows 145 8.00
Bent Over Rows 145 8.00
Bent Over Rows 145 10.00
Bent Over Rows 145 10.00
Bent Over Rows 145 10.00
Upright Rows 75 15.00
Upright Rows 95 13.00
Upright Rows 115 6.00
Upright Rows 115 7.00
Upright Rows 95 10.00

Are you afraid of the Atheist?

Originally Published Monday, April 12, 2010  http://rip-roar.blogspot.com/2010/04/are-you-afraid-of-atheist.html


12:37 PM

There seems to be a building concern about the movement of atheism, an assault on us Christians lately.  I would say it has grown to a point of fear, a fear to the point where I am seeing Christians thinking we need to defend ourselves, strikeout, write nasty letters, feel like victimizing the person, or group trying to minimize Christianity.

I understand these feelings. Just last Sunday in Church I was shown a clip of a documentary demeaning religion and Christianity; it flared up in me without want, but I was mad at the person narrating the movie, I wanted to write him a letter, I angered he should have something horrible done to him AI felt.

The instant these feelings hit me, I stopped and wondered why, what do I have to worry about, who cares who believes him, is it really an assault on Christianity or Religion as a whole or me personally.  And even if it is, so what, is my desire to strike out because I am afraid he might be right because others will think I am wrong, will I not have justification for my belief?

Christianity has become defensive; the movie “Davinci Code” came out and Angles and Demons.  Christians were outraged and even the Churches ‘investigated the movies to see if there was anything offensive – but even if there was – so what, why are we so afraid.

Shouldn’t our faith be our faith?  And are we not already forewarned this would happen?

The best way to respond is to not acknowledge and not to justify but to stand strong in our faith.  We do not have to justify our faith, faith is not logical this is why we are called on it to have it and thus rewarded for it.

If you are afraid of Atheism it might be because you are afraid atheism might catch on and we will be outcasts, then what?  Again, we were forewarned of this and my prayer is you have had your faith tested and your character strengthened so when the time comes when our faith is put at the will of the guillotine, we use these moments to demonstrate our faith, not prove it.

Words don’t prove faith, it’s how we show it!

Ego = Potato Chips

Posted Originally May 20th, 2009 The Ego is Like a Bag of Potato Chips

When I was home, growing up, I was always hungry. Every once in a while, we would have a bag of potato chips sitting around. I would dive into them and continue eating them by the handful, my mom would notice the intensity I was eating them and would say “Leland, you can’t fill up on potato chips, eat something of substance.” I did not understand, I was hungry and I liked potato chips and they were right in front of me, more importantly, eating them was easier and tastier than fixing something “nutritious”

I attribute our ego similar to the bag of potato chips, it seems endless in what our ego can consume. And it is easier to satisfy the ego, then feed the soul. But, If only we would prepare or look for something which would satisfy the thirst for fulfillment in our soul, our need for the ego might lessen.

As we should fill our stomachs with good food, food which sustains us for the long term, we should also fill our souls with good food which sustains us for the long term.

In my observations, it seems as man pulls away from God, we try and fill the gap with the ego, a self-centered perspective.

Challenge yourself to move closer to God, to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ and see if those necessities derived of the ego, diminish.

Just Me . . .

I published this on http://rip-roar.blogspot.com/


These thoughts and questions presented themselves, I wrote them down.

It’s about 9:00 AM and I am so lucky to have this moment to sit here at Shady Grove Park located at Eagle Mountain Lake in Azle, TX. As I sit here, I wrote.

  1. How did we get to where we are in our own society, in the world?
  2. Where is the line between cheating and progress?
  3. It’s interesting – everything seems to have a life cycle, yet man seems to relentlessly trying to eliminate them from their own.
  4. Does progress mean better, better in the long run?
  5. Man seems to only be willing to act on what they can directly see, the eminent; those that can see further are often called ‘nut’ , ‘lunatics’, ‘freaks’.
  6. What is the key that causes a tornado or a hurricane to suddenly change directions? Is it God’s will?
  7. The same is for the weather, it does not seem as though the weatherman are correct very often. Is it because they are trying to predict God’s will? Like so many are trying to predict the second coming of Christ?
  8. Love leads to the path of good behavior. Rules are followed because they are following love.
  9. The Holly Spirit is the center of my being.
  10. My flesh, muscle and bone can be taken from me, but my spirit is like the air, it simply is.
  11. Why do we spend so much money and time on learning about our planet; do we think if we “know it all” we can then control our destiny?
  12. I am amazed in the beauty our world has to offer, I wonder why so few of us see so little of it?
  13. The house will fall down, it is unsafe I argue, but no one is listening; they simply cannot see the cracks in the foundation.
  14. I can only change if I give God time to change me.
  15. The US seems to have gone from independent to dependant; our strength comes through not what we can provide, but through what we consume.
  16. Can the world really work as one, I think the US is a great example of a possibility.
  17. Ready set go said God: see if you can discover the mysteries of the world before you destroy yourself in doing so. The joke Is on us.
  18. Separating church and state a brilliant strategy by Satan.
  19. If Church and State are truly disconnected; why do churches get tax breaks and other benefits from the Government? I thought Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesars’ and to God what is God’s, I think Churches should pay there own way.
  20. If you are swimming and you cannot find the purpose of swimming, then why are we still swimming.
  21. The mistakes our leaders and corporations make seem to be along the same level as a child, where were there parents?
  22. Don’t try and change the world, ask God to change you and then show others. Force resists force. As a physics professor!

Inside out . . .

How interesting, I had forgotten I had another blog from many years ago.  There were some blogs on it that I wanted to share here, but could never find them – until now!

You can view it here:  http://rip-roar.blogspot.com/

I am reading the book “WIDEOPENSPACES” Beyond the Paint-by-Number Christianity by Jim Palmer. On page 23 he writes:

“For years I was taught ‘faith’ is believing there is a God even if you can’t experience him. Maybe instead, faith is believing that what you are experiencing is God.”