When we found each other…

I knew about religion and God since I was a kid. My parents did take us to church for a period of time, the challenge was, we were too young to sit through the traditional service, thus we may have eventually been a cause for them to stop. I understand with two young children, it is challenging to have them with me, they love to NOT sit still.


Have you ever wondered how your spirit connected to God? My experience came as Mother Teresa explained in an interview with Dan Rather, silence. When I was in my late youth and teens, my dad took us camping and backpacking. I found plenty of alone time, just sitting on a rock watching the stream, or looking over a lake or viewing a heavenly valley below. My mind was free to think without limit and this is when the word of God entered me.

I did not even realize the word of God had done so, but as I became even more familiar with the Bible, I found the thoughts I thought when alone matched the words and philosophies of the Bible.


But, it still took me over 30 years to finally build a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Why, because those thoughts I had, the words of the Bible did not seem to fit in with what I was observing, being taught, I thought this was great philosophy, but had no place in the real world.

I admired those like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, The Pope who truly lived their lives so closely to their beliefs, I always wanted to be one, but I thought that was not for me. Thirty years later and not a lot of society success to show, but definitely a trail of unhappiness, I am praying I find the courage and strength to live the life I found once, found again and to be. All things are possible with God and if God is for us, who can be against us.


I pray.


We were born into it…

Imagine, when you were born, you believed the truth which was told to you. This truth was verified by the world around you, there was no reason to question it. But the truth was, you were actually born as the child of a POW, but you did not know it, the truth was hid from you as people before you and others that knew the truth, simply accepted there fait, they would never leave. Other’s not just accepted their fate, but adopted this new life as their own. Figured out how to gain additional comforts, privileges.

As you grow, you are told there is a book which will lead you or anyone to a life of freedom, away from this camp. Amazed, you ask around. You here that some just thing it’s a fairytale, others say it can’t be proved, others don’t want to give up their current life style to start all over, for they like what they have achieved in ‘this world.’

After reading the book, you accept it as truth, you begin your journey to freedom, but there is no guarantee you will get to ‘freedom’ alive. The journey starts simple enough with a commitment to follow the directions in the book to the letter, to trust it, to have 100% faith in it, for you heard, if you do not trust it and have faith in it, failure is eminent. But in your journey, you find you are in the middle of nowhere, you have no bearings on where to go, what to do, but this book. In addition, in the journey, you encounter incredible dangers. You must travel across deep ravines, down steep waterfalls, swim in swift rivers filled with Alligators, Parana’s and other dangerous obstacles. The days are incredibly hot, the nights super cold, food is scarce and abundant, pain is always and never. Some people stumble and fall to their death, some get hurt and cannot continue, some need your help, some turn around and go back.

To me, the gift Jesus Christ gave us, was the book which was a foolproof escape plan from our POW, but in the plan, he never said it was easy, simple, gentle, he simply states, understand the truth about this world and then, here is a path to rid yourself of this world to a new world, a freedom unbound by anything you can imagine.

My question is; are you willing, have you been willing, to go through the most treacherous jungles, encounter the most dangerous obstacles for freedom from your POW.

Would you agree: the desire for freedom, the quest for freedom; is freedom in itself.

Things to keep in mind.


  1. Take a walk or a run and “see” your surroundings; notice the beauty in nature
  2. Say a random “thank you” to someone everyday – your spouse for making dinner, your colleague for helping you out, your kid for just being your kid, your mom on your birthday – you get the idea
  3. Keep a “gratitude journal” and make a list every night of 5 things you were grateful for that day. Staying grateful makes what we lack seem not so bad
  4. Listen! When people talk clear your mind of your own thoughts and really listen
  5. Let a child guide you. Children rarely let a moment of falling leaves, floating bubbles or dandelion fluffs go by without notice!


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Training Developer Resume

Leland A Bartlett





  • Over 20 years experience developing, delivering, and marketing training solutions to over 300 multinational firms across multiple industries using current adult training methodologies; such as ADDIE and ExecuTrain.
  • Combines excellent technical, project management and leadership skills enabling the formation of seamless project teams comprised of SAP and customer staff. A valued asset of both the customer and SAP. Adept at multitasking in engagements requiring the simultaneous performance of several different roles.
  • Senior SAP Technical Consultant and Trainer specializing in the implementation and course development and maintenance of SAP Enterprise Portal and TREX. A veteran of SAP products such as: SAP NetWeaver Portal, ERP, CRM, FICO, APO, Ops Management and Business Objects.
  • Mastery of popular business software applications including Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Project, Access Database, Snagit, Camtasia Studio, FrameMaker, Captivate, PhotShop and Adobe Professional
  • Delivered training solutions via multiple platforms such as Webinars, e-learning, Web Based, Video Podcast, I-L-T and conference calls.
  • Proactive team builder and top performer in time-sensitive situations; strong ability to identify requirements, acquire business processes and convert resources into working solutions
  • Technically competent in designing and recommending architectural approaches depending upon customer’s specific environmental variables and goals (including cost constraints, scalability, user SLA expectations, content and component systems, etc.). .

Professional Experience


Rip-Roar Get High on Life Training, Azle, TX

Public Speaker – Educator ■ October 2008 – Present


Built a tremendous network to market the message Rip-Roar – Get High on Life through actively being involved in organization such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Southlake Focus Groups and other associated groups in the regional area. Interviewed the organization leaders to learn the specific needs or requests by the group and customized presentation to deliver appropriate message.


SAP America Inc, Palo Alto CA, Irving, TX

Certified Senior NetWeaver Consultant ■ March. 2004 – November. 2008

Responsible to ensure the customer had a successful implementation of the SAP NetWeaver Product Suite. Which included the Portal, SRM, CRM, CSS, ESS, APO, ERP, PLM. Roles included Project Manager, Project Lead, Team Lead, Lead Consultant, Trainer, Train the Trainer, Technical Expert, Solution Expert. Trained customer’s at their request on the functionality and usability of the SAP NetWeaver Suite.


  • Completed three life cycles with SAP NetWeaver Product Suite.
  • Created first JAVA e-learning class for peers, partners and clients.
  • Create and published How-to-Guide of How to implement SAP Knowledge Management System
  • Project Manager: Managed a team of 30 and build a Portal Concept which resulted in multimillion dollar license fee for SAP. Created a step-by-step guide for 30 roles in the portal for the client to use and experience the portal directly.
    • Developed customized training guide for primary stake holders.
    • Trained Subject Matter Experts on functionality of SAP NetWeaver Suite (HR, Finance, CRM)
  • Worked with over 100 clients world-wide training, implementing and using SAP NetWeaver Suite.
  • Developed training guide and educated client NetWeaver group on the methods and requirements of Information Governance and how it applied to the NetWeaver Product Group.which reduced need to build roles by 80% and a reduction in security requirements by over 50%.


SAP America Inc, Palo Alto CA

Senior NetWeaver Specialist ■ July. 2002 – Oct. March 2004


Chosen for our in-depth knowledge of the SAP NetWeaver Suite, to support field consultants in the following but not limited methods. Directly: being able to directly answer the consultants’ questions via phone, email or other direct communication methodology. Directing pointing the consultant to where the information can be obtained, other consultant, location of white paper, how-to-guide, third party answer. Developing: Created solution documents for consultant, which could be used by the on-site consultant and easily distributed to clients. Training: Develop training curriculum and delivered training based on on-site consultants and clients requirements. Training was usually delivered via Webinar, ILT or e-learning. Consulting: went directly to clients site to work in tandem with on-site consultant.


  • Managed, created and delivered first JAVA e-learning class for peers, partners and clients.
  • Create and published How-to-Guid of How to implement SAP Knowledge Management System
  • Project Manager: Managed a team of 30 and build a Portal Concept which resulted in multimillion dollar license fee for SAP. Created a step-by-step guide for 30 roles in the portal for the client to use and experience the portal directly.
  • Worked with over 100 clients world-wide training, implementing and training on the SAP NetWeaver Product Group


TopTier/SAP Portals, Palo Alto, CA

Certified SAP Portal Trainer ■ April. 2001 – July 2002

Responsibilities were to train current SAP consultants and trainers in the installation, usability and functionality of the SAP NetWeaver Product. And designing, developing, delivering and maintaining course curriculums.


  • Elected by SAP training staff as the primary trainer for the Train the Trainer program.
  • Developed and delivered the SAP Training the Trainer certification course.
  • Trained and Certified over 300 SAP consultants, clients and Partners on the SAP NetWeaver Suite.


TopTier Software, San Jose, CA

Certified TopTier Trainer/Developer ■ April 2000 – April 2001

Developed training material for this new product, which would become the face of SAP’s product groups. Trained IT managers, Project Managers, CIO’s on the installation, configuration and functionality of our Portal Product and Unifier. Utilized I-L-T, CBT, and Web Based delivery methods. Additionally developed delivered the certification training/process to peers and partners. Evaluated performance which marked their competency of the product.


  • Author of TopTier’s consultant certification training.
  • Author of TopTier’s training curriculum delivered to our peers, clients, and partners.
  • Established self as primary trainer of our Knowledge Management Software.


Previous Employment

New Horizons and ExecuTrain, San Francisco, CA

Microsoft Trainer ■ Sept
1996- April 2000

  • Instructor of more than 200 Microsoft Courses consisting of multiple versions and ranging from introductory to Expert. This included Project, Visio, Access and VBA for application.
  • Certified ExecuTrain Instructor:
    • ExecuTrain instructors must successfully complete a comprehensive certification program, demonstrating mastery of ExecuTrain educational methods, presentation skills, and an ability to “connect” with students. Certification Program has become a model within the adult education industry.


Dale Carnegie Training, Oakland Ca

Training Associate ■ September 1994 – September 1996

  • Developed training plans for over 300 local regional and national companies.
  • Worked with all levels of management.
  • Developed customized training programs through needs analysis workshops.
  • Evaluated training programs and provided feedback to clients.




California State University Chico, Chico, CA

  • B.S. in Business Administration – Marketing 1987
  • BS in Production Operations Management – 1992
    • Emphasis in Math and Computer Science
    • President of APICS – Student Chapter
      • Author of Chapter’s Mission Statement
    • Overall GPA 3.0


& Quality Center, Grapevine, TX – 2004

  • Knowledge Management & Tactics for Business Results
  • Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management


Dale Carnegie Training – Instructor Assistant, Oakland CA 2000

  • Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills For Success
  • Leadership Training for Managers
  • Sales Advantage
  • Public Speaking Mastery
  • How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

Who they are

Friends – when we become friends with another person, do we spend the duration of our friendship trying to change them or is the friendship built on the differences of one another and the acceptance of one another. Could it be in a marriage, like with our kids, we think that this is the beginning of a clean slate and thus, try and sway this ‘clean’ slate to our way, to be like us.


One of the challenges of memory is we hold to this recollection and even after it is updated, it is hard to let go of something we have held onto for so long. We remember our friends as they were in high school, we remember children as they were yesterday. And we presume we know what they will be. And to some extent we can control this, but the challenge is, they develop into beings, they are beings with discovery and if we continue to manipulate them into what we think, then they either don’t have happy lives or they grow resentful or they become rebellious. The goals of the parent is not to mold them, but to give them experiences, the opportunities, the love and support and courage to be who they are.


Interesting, the same goes for marriages, but is it possible. If a relationship is not meeting the needs of the other on an emotional level, then I think that is the root of the problem. Now that can be some of the things to do together.


My question as I write this, reflects on my own relationships(s). Like in many friendships, I believe there is give and take, in the good ones, the one’s that are close and span time. Isn’t there give and take, compromise, understanding, support and belief. I think I answered my own question. Richard Bach said in his book Illusions, if you ask a question clear enough, it answers it’s self. So, the answer is obvious, if someone does not want to do the above, then why have a friendship and how can one have any type of relationship?