Friday August 12th

I worked out Friday night, I did not want to for a few reasons. Firstly because I did not want to! Secondly because I had already skipped a day and knew I most likely would not Saturday because of a social event. And finally, my legs were sore deep near the bone and usually when they are that sore I believe my legs need a rest. Knowing I did not want to skip two days, I took off towards the high school.


I chose to run the bleachers this night to take the stress of my shins. When I run the bleachers, I go up the steps and down 4 times during one lap. What is nice is I can continue my progress around the track while running the bleachers.


My first lap is usually the slowest because of a couple reasons: Firstly, because I am warming up and secondly because I want to pace myself. My first lap time was not bad for a first semi-casual lap. I thought if I could keep them all about this time it would be better than the last time I ran the bleachers.


To my surprise all the remaining laps were 30 seconds faster than the first! This felt awesome and I was surprised because on the 4th lap going up the final two stair cases my legs were so tired I was sure I would be sore for a week afterwards.


My goals were to run the bleachers completely, even the segment between the up and the down and then after completing the bleachers run about a 1/3 of a lap to increase my conditioning. Another good indicator was when I ran after the bleachers it seemed easier than before and my legs did not groan with pain nor did my lungs, thus all indications my conditioning was getting better.




Sunday August 14th

I thought I was not going to be able to walk on Saturday or Sunday after Friday. To my surprise I was not a tad sore, in fact the little bit of soreness I did have was completely gone Sunday.


I attribute my lack of soreness to a friends pool party on Saturday. We played water volleyball for at least 2-3 hours I think. It required keeping my legs moving and being in the water supplied some massage.


Sunday night, I am thinking ok, I am feeling pretty good, tonight I run and I had expectations of a good run. But, but I did also take into consideration the fact it was hotter this night and was much more humid than any of the other nights I had run, so I kept my expectation in check with the hope of a better run.


My run was 17 seconds slower than my best run, I was slightly disappointed because I felt I was in better shape and as a reward for this enhanced conditioning I would run faster than my slower time!


The good was I had additional warm-up while waiting for the track to clear. My legs did not feel as though they were being strained with every step nor did my heart feel like it was going to bounce out my backside and my lungs did not wince with every breath.


After my first 4 laps and my slightly disappointing time, I decided I wanted to beat up on myself a bit. My next stage of exercise would be to walk one lap, run one lap or a total of 4 runs and 4 walks.


I realized I might be under pacing myself on my mile run, so I decided I would run at a good pace, a faster pace, a sprint maybe for as far as I could keep it up and no further than 1/2 lap and then wind it down to a pace I could keep for the rest of the lap.


Using this method, my next two run laps were 18 and 25 seconds faster than my average for my mile. The next two laps I took at pace and they were equal to my mile laps. Wildly, I am glad I took the pace approach for the final two laps because my legs really, really, really were tired.


I am working up to running two miles now. I had expectations my mile would be faster by now with all the hard work I have put in. As I thought about his, maybe it is and I just did not realize it. Before I started running I did put in a lot of base training. I did the bleachers, ran one lappers and then jumped to the mile. If I had started just trying to run the mile, I may have seen the progress – who knows.


How hot was it: Well, hot and humid it was. I sweat allot regardless, especially when exercising so hot and humid just makes it worse. It is no problem to drench my shirt, but last night I was completely drenched from head to toe. So much so even when I picked up my sweats this morning they were still very wet.

Following the Lord’s Commands

Dt 26:16 The LORD your God commands you this day to follow these decrees and laws; carefully observe them with all your heart and with all your soul. 17 You have declared this day that the LORD is your God and that you will walk in his ways, that you will keep his decrees, commands and laws, and that you will obey him. 18 And the LORD has declared this day that you are his people, his treasured possession as he promised, and that you are to keep all his commands. 19 He has declared that he will set you in praise, fame and honor high above all the nations he has made and that you will be a people holy to the LORD your God, as he promised. Deuteronomy 26:16-19


I liked this statement, it reminds me of my quest with Jesus Christ.

When we found each other…

I knew about religion and God since I was a kid. My parents did take us to church for a period of time, the challenge was, we were too young to sit through the traditional service, thus we may have eventually been a cause for them to stop. I understand with two young children, it is challenging to have them with me, they love to NOT sit still.


Have you ever wondered how your spirit connected to God? My experience came as Mother Teresa explained in an interview with Dan Rather, silence. When I was in my late youth and teens, my dad took us camping and backpacking. I found plenty of alone time, just sitting on a rock watching the stream, or looking over a lake or viewing a heavenly valley below. My mind was free to think without limit and this is when the word of God entered me.

I did not even realize the word of God had done so, but as I became even more familiar with the Bible, I found the thoughts I thought when alone matched the words and philosophies of the Bible.


But, it still took me over 30 years to finally build a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Why, because those thoughts I had, the words of the Bible did not seem to fit in with what I was observing, being taught, I thought this was great philosophy, but had no place in the real world.

I admired those like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, The Pope who truly lived their lives so closely to their beliefs, I always wanted to be one, but I thought that was not for me. Thirty years later and not a lot of society success to show, but definitely a trail of unhappiness, I am praying I find the courage and strength to live the life I found once, found again and to be. All things are possible with God and if God is for us, who can be against us.


I pray.


We were born into it…

Imagine, when you were born, you believed the truth which was told to you. This truth was verified by the world around you, there was no reason to question it. But the truth was, you were actually born as the child of a POW, but you did not know it, the truth was hid from you as people before you and others that knew the truth, simply accepted there fait, they would never leave. Other’s not just accepted their fate, but adopted this new life as their own. Figured out how to gain additional comforts, privileges.

As you grow, you are told there is a book which will lead you or anyone to a life of freedom, away from this camp. Amazed, you ask around. You here that some just thing it’s a fairytale, others say it can’t be proved, others don’t want to give up their current life style to start all over, for they like what they have achieved in ‘this world.’

After reading the book, you accept it as truth, you begin your journey to freedom, but there is no guarantee you will get to ‘freedom’ alive. The journey starts simple enough with a commitment to follow the directions in the book to the letter, to trust it, to have 100% faith in it, for you heard, if you do not trust it and have faith in it, failure is eminent. But in your journey, you find you are in the middle of nowhere, you have no bearings on where to go, what to do, but this book. In addition, in the journey, you encounter incredible dangers. You must travel across deep ravines, down steep waterfalls, swim in swift rivers filled with Alligators, Parana’s and other dangerous obstacles. The days are incredibly hot, the nights super cold, food is scarce and abundant, pain is always and never. Some people stumble and fall to their death, some get hurt and cannot continue, some need your help, some turn around and go back.

To me, the gift Jesus Christ gave us, was the book which was a foolproof escape plan from our POW, but in the plan, he never said it was easy, simple, gentle, he simply states, understand the truth about this world and then, here is a path to rid yourself of this world to a new world, a freedom unbound by anything you can imagine.

My question is; are you willing, have you been willing, to go through the most treacherous jungles, encounter the most dangerous obstacles for freedom from your POW.

Would you agree: the desire for freedom, the quest for freedom; is freedom in itself.

Things to keep in mind.


  1. Take a walk or a run and “see” your surroundings; notice the beauty in nature
  2. Say a random “thank you” to someone everyday – your spouse for making dinner, your colleague for helping you out, your kid for just being your kid, your mom on your birthday – you get the idea
  3. Keep a “gratitude journal” and make a list every night of 5 things you were grateful for that day. Staying grateful makes what we lack seem not so bad
  4. Listen! When people talk clear your mind of your own thoughts and really listen
  5. Let a child guide you. Children rarely let a moment of falling leaves, floating bubbles or dandelion fluffs go by without notice!


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