Encouraging Success

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Encouraging Success

I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a deacon in the church in Cenchrea. Welcome her in the Lord as one who is worthy of honor among God’s people. Help her in whatever she needs, for she has been helpful to many, and especially to me.Romans 16:1-2

Encouraging words often make the difference between success and failure. For example, imagine that your spouse expresses the desire to lose weight. How you respond can be either encouraging or discouraging. If you say, “Well, I hope you don’t try one of those expensive weight-loss programs or join a pricey gym. We can’t afford that,” then you have discouraged your spouse. Chances are, he or she will drop the idea and make no effort to lose weight.

On the other hand, consider this response: “Well, one thing I know. If you decide to lose weight, you will, because you have the discipline to do it. That’s one of the things I admire about you.” Wow! Your spouse is encouraged and will likely take action immediately.

At the end of the book of Romans, Paul writes a number of personal greetings, many of them including affirmations. In the verses above, he mentions a woman named Phoebe, who is “worthy of honor” and “helpful.” Later in the chapter, he mentions several others by name and lists their contribution to his work. Imagine being praised in Paul’s letter! The specifics he included give impact to his encouraging words.

When you have a chance to respond to your spouse, think before you speak. Ask yourself, What can I say that would affirm and encourage my spouse to reach his or her goals? Most of us are motivated when we hear encouraging words.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you would help me to think before I respond to my spouse. Show me how best to be an encouragement. I don’t want to stand in the way of my loved one’s goals, so please help me develop a pattern of encouragement and specific affirmation. I know that will strengthen our relationship.

This is an excerpt from: Love Language Minute Devotional

History of the Bible . . .and future

Happen to come across this video, I’ve been watching a few lately, got me hooked. What is exciting, is this group has taken on the task of translating the Bible into the languages where there is not currently a Bible translation.

It shows a history of how the Bible go to where it is today, then they talk about their achievements. Take a look, it’s exciting to see what they have done and are doing.

Meeting the Enemy . . .

Here is another video I happen to come across. I don’t know why I chose to listen, but I did. At the beginning, I was not impressed but watched it to the end and at the end, the story became relevant. I believe she defines the problem, not directly to the subject, but the problem we have as a nation at our top political levels. We listen to respond, we listen to support our own bias, we change the tone to fit our agenda.

I hope you’ll listen to this 10 minute talk and share with others, maybe if we listen, we will listen and by doing so, have greater understanding, empathy and grace.

God Bless.

The Atheist Delusion Movie

I was amazingly moved by this “video/movie”. Whether you are a new Christian, a long standing Christian, watch this movie, watch it with your kids. This is how I want to be, this is how strong we as Christians I believe should be. It’s about an hour, but you don’t have to watch it all at once, but plan the time to do so if you get absorbed in the beauty as I did. God Bless.

Does sin Burn?

Think of this . . .When Jesus sat with the sinners, Jesus did not sin, the sinners became clean, they were no longer immersed in their sin but moved toward the light.  However, we are told, you and me, should stay away from the sinners for we may become like them.  We are not to be of this world is our mantra.

This came to mind in view of the current drama raised by one of the top pop musical Christian artists Lauren Daigle performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, claiming not to know whether homosexuality is a sin or not.  In an AMA interview not once did she profess her faith in Christ or how God influences her in her life and finally, on her website, there is no mention of God and in all her clothing she has for sale, none of it has the word of God nor Jesus.  Combining all these together there is a wave of criticism of her being a “true Christian”. 

I am disappointed, but I am not willing to berate her; because it is a perfect example of how the secular world will and can swallow a Christian when they enter it.  I believe, they believe, they can enter the secular world and remain themselves, yet slowly and gradually, the give up parts of themselves to be accepted by the secular world and before they know it, have become a part of it, and many times, all the while still claiming to be a Christian, although they have not been one for a long time.

Why do people voluntarily give up our faith?  Firstly, I don’t think they do at first in their heart, the simple say these things to gain further acceptance into the secular world but get converted over time and end up living a secular life rather than a Christian life.

Here is how you know if you are a Christian or not.  I take this from Dr. Jordan Peterson. He was asked whether he was a Christian, he said I live (behave) as I am.  Thus, if you live like a Christian regardless of your claim to be an Atheist, Agnostic or a Christian, it is how you live which identifies you.  Remember, God judges the heart.

Does sin burn, not if God is with you.  Remember, God never leaves you, it is us who leaves him. 

God Bless,

Learning to be a disciple . . . discipline is key

Luke 9:23–27 (ESV)

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

23 And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. 25 For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself? 26 For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. 27 But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God.”


 I was talking with my son about my financial pinch.  I was telling him I had a little extra money and it made me want to up my intake on food, go buy a nice deli sandwich. I then said, you know, I want to get into the habit that I don’t automatically do this, I am thrifty and cheap all the time as a habit.  I don’t have to argue with myself over spending more. 


I don’t know why, but this parallel epiphany hit me.  My thought about how Christ told us in order to be his disciple, we need to deny ourselves and take up his cross daily.  So, in my mind, the parallel is, I need to stay within my budget and by doing so, I was carrying my cross.  In other words, I had made a commitment, but when it seemed convenient, I broke that commitment.


I had previously thought about carrying my cross differently than I do now.  Before, carrying my cross was just being a Cristian, having faith, believing that Jesus is my creator and doorway to heaven. But, yes but more.  More is sacrificing every day for my Father in heaven. Not doing what I wanted because circumstances allowed, but to have this higher goal.


Another example; but first let me ask you this question.  Have you ever implemented a global rule for the family – maybe even yourself?  One of the great rules, since I just go a new car, is the rule: "No eating/drinking in the car".  This is a great rule to keep the car cleaner and freer of trash and food crumbs. However, it never fails, I will be out with the family and we’ll get hungry and stop by the nearest fast food, not thinking about my rule.  We’ll order, but when we get the food, I will remember my desire of no eating in the car. So, I will announce the no eating rule stating we can eat it when we get there, or we can stop.  However, the reason for the drive through and fast food was time and I will be reminded of this at the conclusion of my announcement. Thus, my rule is no more; however, my point is that in order to continue to carry my cross, there has to be a sacrifice and that sacrifice is what separates us from the secular world.


Can we stabilize . . . do you think?

I am not sure about the argument of climate change.  But, logic to me, I don’t see how we cannot be effecting the world and the way it operates by the amount of trash, of every kind, we seem to throw back into the our world.  

When I was a kids, my world was complete.  I remember the day when my mom told me the United States was involved in a war in another country.  I argued with my mom, because we had family, friends, school, neighborhood, athletics and just a very peaceful living.  Never saw any, not one ounce of war anywhere nor did I hear of it.  But just because I was not a witness to it did not mean it was not happening.

Nearly Every Seabird on Earth Is Eating Plastic

Plastic trash is found in 90 percent of seabirds. The rate is growing steadily as global production of plastics increases.

“Essentially seabirds are going extinct,” says Wilcox. “Maybe not tomorrow. But they’re headed down sharply. Plastic is one of the threats they face.”From <national geographic>

Plastic pollution is having a detrimental effect on the world’s marine organisms, with an estimated 322 million tonnes of plastic produced annually. From <National Geographic>

The same with the pollution of our world.  Just because we are not a witness to it, does not mean it is not happening.  I believe if you are like me, one has to wonder what is happening to our planet.  We hear of air quality warnings, river and water pollution, and wildly, remote islands in the middle of the ocean polluted with tons of plastic.  In addition, we hear our common ocean animals are showing up dead on our beaches with bellies full of plastic.  

Thirteen sperm whales stranded on the German coast had ingested huge amounts of plastic. They are symbolic of our shocking disregard for marine life

See the source image

From <The Guardian.>

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. Marine debris is litter that ends up in oceans, seas, and other large bodies of water.

See the source image

From <National Geographic>

How an Uninhabited Island Got the World’s Highest Density of Trash

So much of what is really happening in our world sometimes is being minimized.  I don’t know about you whether to believe in global warming or not, or whether the glaciers are melting or not, but the warning from Jesus that we should be able to recognize the signs of the times is very real to me.   

I have to believe the state of the United States, the fact we are so polarized and what used to be good is not, and most disturbing is it seems as though the truth cannot be found.

Some statements of concern about our world are above, but below the quote is a list of animals just in the last year have gone extinct.  Our planet is out of balance, I hope if you take a moment and to think about it, you’ll agree.  I don’t know if you are like me and this means the return of Christ is even closer, but it should be a concern nevertheless that what was once good is not.  God Bless.

Matthew 16:1–4 (ESV)

The Pharisees and Sadducees Demand Signs

16 And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. He answered them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed.

NOTE: March 2019 – HALF A BILLION Bees have died during past 3 months in just 4 states in Brazil! – Warning of ‘collapse of agriculture’ (Link) – See our BEE DEATH LIST for more.

MASS ANIMAL DEATH LIST                                  140 Known MASS Death Events in 43 Countries (or Territory)

NOTE: Due to time constraints, we no longer report every event, so the numbers are lower than they should be.

2nd April 2019 – 200+ migratory birds found dead in a lake in Maharashtra, IndiaLink

2nd April 2019 – Hundreds of dead starfish found on a beach on Isle of Sheppey, EnglandLink

2nd April 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Manitoba, CanadaLink

2nd April 2019 – 24,500 birds killed due to avain flu in Liaoning province, ChinaLink

2nd April 2019 – Tens of thousands of fish die in a river in Pathum Thani Province, ThailandLink

2nd April 2019 – Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Songkhla Province, ThailandLink

2nd April 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Iowa, AmericaLink

1st April 2019 – 600+ ducks killed due to avian flu in Cuttack, IndiaLink

1st April 2019 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Lao Cai Province, VietnamLink

31st March 2019 – Thousands of cattle dead after storm in Pilbara, AustraliaLinkClams South Africa

31st March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Brisbane, AustraliaLink

29th March 2019 – 12 turtles found washed up dead in Panaji, IndiaLink

28th March 2019 – Mass die off of krill in Powell River, British Columbia, CanadaLink

28th March 2019 – 1,100 dead dolphins have washed up this year in FranceLink

27th March 2019 – Hundreds of turtles washing up dead in New England, AmericaLink

26th March 2019 – Dozens of sharks wash up dead in New Jersey, AmericaLink

26th March 2019 – 2,500 cattle die suddenly, ‘a mystery’ in Peten, GuatemalaLink

25th March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a dam in Sao Paulo, BrazilLink

22nd March 2019 – Thousands of livestock killed in flooding in Nebraska and Iowa, AmericaLink

22nd March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Cleveland, Ohio, AmericaLink

22nd March 2019 – 30 turtles found dead along the coast of UruguayLink

21st March 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found wash ashored in Cattolica ItalyLink

20th March 2019 – Mass die off of turtles by a ‘strange virus’ in St John’s river in Florida, AmericaLink

20th March 2019 – 4 dead Humpback whales wash up in past 8 weeks along the Carolinas coast, AmericaLink

19th March 2019 – 11.5 MILLION clams wash up on a beach in Western Cape, South AfricaLink

18th March 2019 – 123 TONS of fish die in the Ural River in Atyrau, KazakhstanLink

18th March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish wash up New Jersey, AmericaLink

18th March 2019 – 28,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Kathmandu, NepalLink

18th March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found floating in the Caboolture River, AustraliaLink

17th March 2019 – 14 dead sharks wash up, ‘a mystery’ in Gansbaai, South AfricaLinkDead Sharks in South Africa

17th March 2019 – Massive fish kill in the waters of Oceanport, New Jersey, AmericaLink

16th March 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Aracaju, BrazilLink

16th March 2019 – 20 dolphins found dead on the coast of Mejillones, ChileLink

15th March 2019 – 123 TONS of salmon suddenly die in a fish farm in Castro, ChileLink

14th March 2019 – 110 dead turtles wash up in Guerrero, MexicoLink

14th March 2019 – 10 dolphins wash up dead on the coast of Yevpatoria, CrimeaLink

14th March 2019 – 2 dead gray whales wash up in San Francisco Bay, AmericaLink

14th March 2019 – Dozens of dead Canada geese found in British Columbia, CanadaLink

14th March 2019 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lagoon in New South Wales, AustraliaLink

13th March 2019 – Mass deaths of birds and animals found in a field off the Azov coast, UkraineLink

11th March 2019 – 80 turtles wash up dead this year in Paraiba, BrazilLink

7th March 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up in a lake in Bengaluru, IndiaLink

6th March 2019 – 127 Possums found dead along the coast in Victoria, AustraliaLink

4th March 2019 – 1,190 cattle dead due to drought in Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicLink

4th March 2019 – Mass die off of turtles found along a beach along the Rushikulya coast, IndiaLink

3rd March 2019 – 1,000+ birds killed by hail storm in Madhya Pradesh, IndiaLink

2nd March 2019 – 7,000 chickens killed due to avian flu in Terndrup, DenmarkLinkDead Fish Colombia

1st March 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up, ‘never seen this many before’ in Segersjon Lake, SwedenLink

28th February 2019 – 70 dead turtles have washed up this year in Tamaulipas, MexicoLink

28th February 2019 – Hundreds of Pengiuns continue to die due to avian flu on Halifax Island, NamibiaLink

27th February 2019 – 7 dolphins and a whale wash up dead along the coast in Cork, IrelandLink

27th February 2019 – Dozens of dead ducks found, ‘never seen anything like it’ in a park in Calgary, CanadaLink

27th February 2019 – Dozens of birds found dead in Huntsville, Alabama, AmericaLink

27th February 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Tolu, ColombiaLink

26th February 2019 – 6 dolphins wash up and die, ‘experts concerned’ in Orange County, California, AmericaLink

26th February 2019 – 6 dolphins and 2 seals wash up dead in Dorset, EnglandLink

26th February 2019 – 40 TONS of dead fish in a fish farm ‘due to pollution’ in Finistere, FranceLink

25th February 2019 – 50 TONS of fish have died in Piquiri River, BrazilLink

24th February 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a river in Balasore, IndiaLink

23rd February 2019 – 204 lions have died during the past 2 years in Gujarat, IndiaLink

23rd February 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Araruama Lagoon, BrazilLink

23rd February 2019 – Dozens of turtles washing up dead along the Pulicat estuary, IndiaLink

22nd February 2019 – Dozens of turtles have died during past 4 months, ‘experts don’t know why’ in Texas, AmericaLink

22nd February 2019 – Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Alanya, TurkeyLink

21st February 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Salaverry, PeruLink

21st February 2019 – Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Tai Po, Hong KongLink

20th February 2019 – 3,900 birds killed due to avian flu in Plateau State, NigeriaLink

20th February 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in a river in Hangzhou, ChinaLink

19th February 2019 – Dozens of dead sea birds wash up on a beach in Hastings, EnglandLink

19th February 2019 – 2 TONS of dead fish wash up in Playa del Cerro, UruguayLink

19th February 2019 – 36 turtles found since January in Bahia, BrazilLink

18th February 2019 – 600 dead dolphins have washed ashore this year on beaches in FranceLinkDead Dolphins in France

18th February 2019 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Orbyhus, SwedenLink

18th February 2019 – Thousands of fish die in a canal in Magdalena, ColombiaLink

18th February 2019 – Mass die off of fish due to heat in Cartagena, ColombiaLink

18th February 2019 – Large die off of fish in a lake in LibyaLink

18th February 2019 – 32,500 Chickens killed due to avina flu in Changhua County, TaiwanLink

15th February 2019 – 10,000 birds and cattle killed due to disease in Quang Ngai and Khanh Hoa provinces, VietnamLink

15th February 2019 – 12,000 fish found dead in the waters of Antioquia, ColombiaLink

14th February 2019 – 1,800+ dairy cows dead due to blizzard in Washington State, AmericaLink

14th February 2019 – 31,000 cattle dead during past 3 months due to drought in ColombiaLink

12th February 2019 – Thousands of dead cuttlefish wash up on a beach in ChileLink

11th February 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach near Piriapolis, UruguayLink

11th February 2019 – Mass die off of sea birds found along the coast of CrimeaLink

10th February 2019 – Dozens of water birds found dead on a lagoon in Cochabamba, BoliviaLink

9th February 2019 – 300,000 cattle dead after flooding in Queensland, AustraliaLink

9th February 2019 – 100 TONS of fish die in a dam in Ceara, BrazilLink

8th February 2019 – Dozens are starlings drop dead in Sicheslavskaya Quay, UkraineLink

7th February 2019 – 15,000 pigs killed due to swine fever in JapanLink

7th February 2019 – Mass die off of fish in a lagoon in Rio, BrazilLink

7th February 2019 – 20+ turtles found dead this year oon beaches in Paraiba, BrazilLink

6th February 2019 – 20,000 sea birds ‘suddenly die’, as hundreds wash ashore along the coast of NetherlandsLink

6th February 2019 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in the Pavana River, IndiaLink

5th February 2019 – Mass die off of fish wash ashore on a beach in Rockingham, AustraliaLink

4th February 2019 – 7 giant deep sea fish wash up dead on the coast of JapanLink

4th February 2019 – Thousands of cattle dying due to drought in AustraliaLink

1st February 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Wolgast, GermanyLink

31st January 2019 – 600 dead turtles found washed ashore in Odisha, IndiaLink

31st January 2019 – Hundreds of penguins found dead on Halifax Island in NamibiaLinkDead Penguins Namibia

31st January 2019 – 8 dead dolphins found washed up in Lee County, Florida, AmericaLink

31st January 2019 – Hundreds of dead starfish found washed up in Prestatyn, WalesLink

30th January 2019 – 100,000 chickens killed due to heat in Montevideo, UruguayLink

30th January 2019 – 150 cattle killed by heat wave in Liniers market, ArgentinaLink

29th January 2019 – Hundreds of thousands of fish die in the Darling River, AustraliaLink

29th January 2019 – 2,000+ bats die from heat in Victoria, AustraliaLink

28th January 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found washed up in Amador, PanamaLink

28th January 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Bad Segeberg, GermanyLink

26th January 2019 – Thousands of dead fish found in the Lujan River, ArgentinaLink

24th January 2019 – 90 wild horses dead, due to drought near Alice Springs, AustraliaLink

23rd January 2019 – Thousands of water birds found dead in the Salton Sea, California, AmericaLink

23rd January 2019 – Thousands of fish die in a lake in New South Wales, AustraliaLink

22nd January 2019 – 30 dead dolphins have washed up this month in Cornwall, EnglandLink

22nd January 2019 – 900,000 pigs killed during past 6 months due to disease in ChinaLink

22nd January 2019 – Thousands of water birds found dead at Wetlands in Western AustraliaLink

21st January 2019 – 6 dead whales wash up along the Galician coasts, SpainLink

19th January 2019 – Bats dying ‘on a Biblical scale’ due to heatwave in AustraliaLink

19th January 2019 – Tens of tons of fish die suddenly in Central Java, IndondesiaLink

18th January 2019 – 110 goats dead, ‘a mystery’, in Ramban, Kashmir, IndiaLink

17th January 2019 – Dozens of Bighorn sheep found dead in California, AmericaLink

17th January 2019 – 40 birds found dead on Las Torres boulevard, MexicoLink

15th January 2019 – 589 turtles, 824 manatees, 127 dolphins dead during past 16 months, due to red tide, in florida, AmericaLink

14th January 2019 – Dozens of turtles dead after washing up along the coast of IsraelLink

14th January 2019 – Thousands of dead shrimp washing up on a beach near Naples, ItalyLink

11th January 2019 – Massive die off of fish in a river in Vinh City, VietnamLink

11th January 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish continue to wash up in Gran Canaria, SpainLink

10th January 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Canakkale, TurkeyLink

9th January 2019 – 3 dead dolphins wash up in Puerto del Rosario, SpainLink

8th January 2019 – 14 turtles found dead on a beaches in Abruzzo, ItalyLink

8th January 2019 – Thousands of chickens and ducks dead due to avian flu in Can Duoc district, VietnamLink

8th January 2019 – 4 dead turtles found on beaches in Ubatuba, BrazilLink

7th January 2019 – 1 MILLION fish die along 40km of river in New South Wales, AustraliaLinkFish Kill New South Wales

7th January 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish washing up along a stream in Carapegua, ParaguayLink

7th January 2019 – 1,000 cattle die suddenly in Santa Fe, ArgentinaLink

6th January 2019 – 2,000+ birds killed due to avian flu in Munger, IndiaLink

6th January 2019 – Hundreds of pigs dead from disease in various provinces of VietnamLink

3rd January 2019 – Thousands of dead fish appear in Los Molinos dam, ArgentinaLink

3rd January 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish appear on a beach ‘a mystery’ in Mar del Plata, ArgentinaLink

3rd January 2019 – Hundreds of dead fish found in lakes in Medellin de Bravo, MexicoLink

2nd January 2019 – Dozens of dead birds found on road in Amarillo, Texas, AmericaLink

2nd January 2019 – Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in Southern SpainLink

If you are affected by this information, then please see what must I do to be saved?

There is no doubt that these mass animal deaths occuring around the world today is one of the many signs of the times, showing that we are living in the last days. Throughout history we have not seen animals dying in these kinds of numbers all around the world. But the earth and the seas are so polluted now from man made chemicals and oil spills, the animals just don’t stand a chance! But this was to be expected, as God has already warned us through Bible prophecy that this world is heading for complete ruin. Friends, it’s time to turn to Jesus Christ. He is our ONLY hope for the future.