The issue of parental authority . . .

I have to prerequisite this reply with this information. David is a friend from HS, who would of known we would reunite here, only God knows. Dave it’s good to be in touch with you again and look forward to more conversations.  This is the second response from David in regards to my post: Both Honor and be enemies …?

Hi Lee! The issue of parental authority is one of law, and has been from the beginning. The role of Father in the family has been under attack from the beginning, as well. The question of “who’s your daddy?” certainly applies here. The fact is, we’ve all been led astray by forces working against the family and through structures that have been built up in the imagination of fallen men, and not of God.

Each of the respondents below referred to context as being critical, and this is quite true. The context of Honoring one’s father and mother comes from Deut 5:16. The context has to do with remaining on the land that the Father in heaven was going to give to Abraham. The object of the promise is freedom, and dominion, and authority…..liberty…..the right to do as one pleases, without the hindrance of ill-advised contracts which subject oneself to foreign governments and their gods. God wants mankind to be free souls under Him, not subjects of a foreign god. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

The ignorance of the law of the Father has brought the role of the Father into disrepute, and has caused the near annihilation of the family. Patrimonial rights have been surrendered from the very moments following the birth of our children. Find me a “minister” who can justify the process of Novation. That is, the process of signing over the authority of the role of Father to the State in the moments following the child’s birth. We have all been warned that Satan waits at the womb! You lost your parental rights when you ignorantly signed them over to the State. The State maintains a record of that forfeiture in their database. They gave you a copy of the Contract you signed. It’s called a Birth certificate. It is the first cord in a three-fold cord which is used to bind a child to the State from cradle to grave.

The Bible teaches us to Call no man on earth Father. This has nothing to do with Catholic priests, but everything to do with calling someone other than your bio-dad a father. You and I went to public school. We learned all about our Founding Fathers. These are the gods of this country. These are the ones that God said we are not to call father.

When Moses was born his mother sent the tiny tot down the river, just as you did with your own children. And, the daughter of Pharoah received the baby of the Hebrew woman and called for her, and told her to take the baby home and give it suck and when it was of age, she would take it back. Can you see the parallel between surrendering your child to the State at birth, and then taking it home and raising it up until it’s 18, and then sending them off to be ruled by the State? It’s no wonder that children are disobedient to the parents, instinctively they know they’ve been sold out…sent down the river!

There is a second cord that binds a child to the servitude of the State, rather than the Father, and that is the process called Tutor. That’s where I met you. We both had parents that participated in that sin. Tutor is “free” public education. The third cord that completely binds a child into servitude for life is called Corban. You can read about that at Mark 7:11. It is the exact same system today, as it was 2000 years ago. Today we refer to it as Social Security, and everyone has their SSN. Almost all the countries of the world have their own version of Social Security, and those that do not are presently at war with the USA. Those are countries which still maintained the role of the Father. By the way, in Canada, their program of Social Security is called Social Insurance. They quite candidly abbreviate their program as such, SIN. Gotta love the Canadians for their disclosure.

The Bible warns us about this three-fold cord which is not easily broken in Proverbs. Now you know what the process is to accomplish that object, and the goal is to destroy the role of Father, family, and freedom.

Yes, we must obey God rather than men, so why does anyone have a Social Security number? Why do they “vote” in an indirect democracy for men that call themselves Father, in a system with centralized top-down authoritative style government, who by design and stealth take children away from their families, and send them off to war, who have a central bank, and who plunder to poor, the widow, and the fatherless? Moses stood against such practices and would’ve body slammed everyone of the Founding Fathers for creating such a debauched system. The Prophet Samuel railed against such a corrupt system, and God told him that if the people wanted such a system it was because they had Rejected God, not Samuel. God told Samuel to go ahead and let them have their way, and that they would pay a heavy price for their disobedience. Such governments were abhorrent to Jesus, and he told His disciple, it shall not be so with you! He taught them to build a system of service from the bottom-up. The greatest amoung you shall be as the least, a servant of all.

Lee, if you want your children to be obedient to you, you need to be obedient to God. In order to do that you need to repent. Repent from the evil works that you and I were led into by those we trusted: our parents, teachers, government leaders, and “ministers”. We need to chart a new course and follow Christ. In order to accomplish that you will need divest yourself of the platitudes of modern day Churchianity, and the sophistry of seminarians and translators. You need to roll up your sleeves and get busy learning what no one else ever taught you before today. The leaders in the “church” so-called, have been blinded by their own ignorance, and are the modern shephards who flee when the enemy approaches, because the flock is not their own.

A man’s enemies are those of his own household, and of his own “church”, and community, because they’ve all gone astray from the womb, speaking the lies they were taught by well-meaning, but nevertheless ignorant people. No man can serve two master’s. And, those who try to walk in the camp of Saints and the world, will be torn asunder. The Church is not the State, and “ministers” alledgedly proclaiming Christ have NO authority under God to translate their congregations to the power and dominion of the State, which is what every single 501C3 “minister” does. These are State “churches”, State organizations, and they are silenced in their abilithy to speak out against the corruptions of the State, which include the destruction of the family….from the moment of the creation of the union of man and woman. ALL 501C3 “ministers” perform ceremonies of marriage by the “Power and Authority vested in me by the State of __________”. Your marriage License is on record with the State, is it not? Because of this your children, the fruit of your marriage, are also promised to the State. This is why the State can dictate how your children can be raised. They come into your home and dictate the care of their health, education, and welfare. You completed the necessary contracts to allow that to happen. Your trusted “minister”, ought not to have been trusted.

These “ministers” of 501C3 “churches” have no business telling anyone to be obedient to God, for they are the greatest offenders of that statement of all men. These are the hypocrites of our day. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

In the day that Christ was beginning His ministry, there was a blind man from birth who was made to see by Jesus. His family was called to give an answer as to how it was that their son was made to see. Their answer was quite illustrative. You can read about that in John 9. The point of that was that if anyone was professing that Jesus was the Christ, they were agreed to put that man or woman out of the synogogue. It’s easy to see this incident as ex-communication, but, men forget that Isreal was a nation set apart by God. It was to be a “religious” example of how a nation was to live according to the dictates of God. When the leaders of the synogogue ex-communicated someone, they were actually expelling them from the benefits, privileges, and opportunities offered to them through the system of Health, Education, and Welfare they had set up in that nation. In fact, these people were being focibly ex-patriated. In the Greek Interlinear text of the NT, the word Father is often untranslated, from the Latin word Pater. It is where we get the words Patriate, ex-Patriate, and Patriotic. Are you a Patriot? Do you call upon the founding fathers of the nation, or upon the President to solve your troubles, or do you call upon Our Father which art in Heaven, whose name is hallowed? Who is your father?

There are MASSIVE problems in the modern “church”, old friend. The slumber of the “ministers” has caused the destruction of the Father, the family, and the nation.

However, Christ Jesus has given us a way out, and that is through Him. You may also want to read Galatians 4.

I recommend the following sources for further information and guidance:

George Ricker Berry Greek Interlinear

Strongs Concordance

Vine’s Expository Dictionary

In Caesar’s Grip, by Peter Kershaw There is a specific article written addressing this very concern, Call no man Father

Blessings to you Lee! It’s been too long!

Blessings to all those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see. The time is very short.


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Do these verses seem contradictory to you?

Read this before you read the response below:  Both Honor and be enemies …?

Leland, the first rule of Biblical interpretation is to read each passage in it’s context. That is, to first understand who is speaking, to whom they are speaking, and what they are speaking about. While every passage of scripture is “God breathed” and is intended for our edification, not everything is addressed specifically to us today. Rather, it is meant that we will learn the precepts that God is teaching.

The first passage you quote is Jesus explaining to his disciples that he has not come at that time to bring a universal Messianic reign of peace. His point is that the Gospel will not be accepted by everyone and therefore it will cause division. He is not saying that he INTENDS for there to be division, but rather that he knows his message will offend those who do not receive it. This is a general principle that we call “the offense of the Gospel”.

In your quote from Ephesians, the Apostle Paul is instructing the church on precepts that bring order and blessing to life. He is explaining that we have a responsibility to remember the commandment to honor father and mother – because this is the one that specifically carries a promise of blessing. We learn that it is a vital precept to have an understanding of authority structures and to submit ourselves appropriately.

These are not in conflict, but rather are in fact different topics. Jesus is NOT commanding strife in a family. He is explaining that the Gospel will divide people. I will give you three examples:

1. In the first century many people were put out of the Synogogues for faith in Jesus as the true Messiah. This was a matter of social disgrace and shame. Some people were therefore abandoned by their adult children for it – in violation of the commandment. Until the destruction of the Jewish temple in AD 70, Jewish Christians were persecuted by Jewish non-believers with great hostility. The story of Paul the Apostle is just one of many such accounts.

2. When I first became a believer, my extended family rejected this. We had come from a religious tradition that did not fully accept the Bible as the word of God. Instead, our historical tradition held to many teachings of people in addition to the Bible. As a result of my stand on the Word of God alone – and salvation exclusively by faith in Christ, my family rejected me. I was once expelled from my Grandfather’s home for trying to explain the wonders that God had done in my life by faith in Christ. Some of my family grew very hostile to me; Not because I sought it, but because they refused to accept my beliefs. My own mother pled with me to come back to the family tradition and I told her I could not. She said “then you don’t love me”. To her, I was being hateful and unloving by my commitment to Christ.

3. In 1999 I met a Muslim from Afghanistan and we became good friends. I asked him if he had ever heard the Gospel or if he knew of Christian missionaries that had ever established a church in his country; I asked him to consider becoming a Christian. He said to me “you don’t understand, no matter how compelling the message of Jesus, I cannot.” I asked him “why?” and he said “to follow Jesus, I would have to deny my father and mother, my brothers and sisters; I would have to deny my entire nation and even deny myself!” I said “you have actually just quoted Jesus; and you are right”.

Now, I can also tell you that it is possible to honor your father and mother, even if they do reject you for your faith. I know people who have been blessed for doing so. I also know many who have later won their family to faith in Christ by their faithful commitment to honor.

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1st Response to: Both Honor and be enemies

Original Post/Question is here: Both Honor and be enemies


The verses you cited are not contradictory. Everything must be understood in the wider context of all the Bible says about family relationships.

God’s original design for the family is that there be a husband and wife committed for life to one another under the authority of God, worshipping and serving Him, and raising their chidren “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Since sin has entered the picture, members of a family are under the influence of sin, so some family members may now be obeying God and other’s not.

The general principle in God’s Word is that children should honor, respect and obey their parents in everything(Ephesians 6:1), EXCEPT where their commands are unrighteous and directly contradict or violate the Word of God. An example of this is found in Acts 5:27-29 where the religious rulers commanded the apostles not to speak about Jesus (in direct contradiction to God’s command). The reply of the apostles was correctly,”We must obey God rather than men!”

If parents are commanding their children to break God’s law, then the child should obey God rather than the parent, which may set in motion the chain of events in Matthew 10:34-35; “…a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”

A word of caution: Children must make absolutely sure that what the parent commanding is a direct violation of the Word of God before deciding to disobey it. The should pray and ask God and get advice from other mature believers before they deliberately disobey, otherwise they may face the wrath of their parents and they will not only be sinning against their parents, but God as well. Just because the child feels the parent’s command may be unjust, it does not necessarily make it a violation of God’s Word.

Children who disobey parents should be prepared to face the wrath of the parents. If the child suffers as a result of chosing to obey the Word of God over their parents they are being persecuted for Jesus’ sake. They should rejoice because they will receive a great reward in Heaven (Matthew 5:10-12).

Both Honor and be enemies …?

I posted this originally in a Christian forum: All About God

I have a couple responses to this question which I will post soon, but thought I’d post this question to you and get your feedback.

These two versus seem to be somewhat contradictory.

I believe in Eph 6:1, it is referring to CHILDREN, not grown children . But, the Eph 6:2 states “honor your father and mother”… yet in Matthew 10:35 Jesus Christ states: “For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother…”

Do these two statements seem contradictory – or maybe not, but how does one be against his father or mother and in Matthew 10:36 “a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” and uphold the commands in Eph 6:1-4.

Both Honor and be enemies …?

Mt 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn

” ‘a man against his father,

a daughter against her mother,

a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—

Mt 10:36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’

Children and Parents

Eph 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3 “that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Eph 6:4 Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord

First Year Anniversary

First Year Anniversary


May 10th of last year, Mother’s day I was baptized.  Being baptized to me was just like getting married.  I felt the commitment, the love, the passion, but how would my life, my relationship with Jesus Christ will change?

As I got up May 10th 2009 partially to my alarm and partially to my fear of being discovered, I felt an excitement, a peace, a relationship I thought I would never have.

I knew I had to be up and out of my storage shed, where I had been staying for the last couple of months before people started entering and the manager showed up.

Like most mornings while sleeping in this shed, which I had made into a makeshift apartment, I went over to my bucket of water I renewed last night and take a relatively fresh towel and douse it and then proceed to ‘sponge bath’ myself.   I do not know why, but the face is the most important part, if my face feels clean, the rest of me feel even that much cleaner.

The choice of clothes narrowed since doing laundry is not a luxury; my last batch was hand washed in my bucket using leftover shampoo I happened to have.  From time to time, I did receive some money, either a loan from my friend or because I sold some of my belongings.  With some money I had, I bought a spray that contained bleach.  This spray, as with bleach changed the color of the clothes, thus I only used it on the inside of the clothes.  This spray was a great saver, it killed of course germs, like under the arm type stuff but also made the clothes smell fresh out of the laundry, and at least I thought and hoped.

I dressed in my best jeans, cleanest T-shirt and today even shouldered a button down shirt, for I was going to be baptized.  I Finish up by wetting my hair and brushing it straight back. Found the shoestring I extracted from my tennis shoe the night before and tied it around my right angle, over the pants so my jeans would not get caught in the spokes of my bicycle.

I also had to pack my bag carefully and make sure I did not miss anything. Returning to the storage shed during the day was not a smart maneuver.  It exposed how the storage shed was set up and indicated it has more than just objects in it.  I had to make sure I carried even a change of clothes in my bag, computer, books, power cords, food, or anything else I might need for the next 18 hours.

I looped the shoulder bag over around my back so it sat just about the middle, I mounted my faithful Mountain Bike and glided over the push password box and entered my code.  Slowly the gate would slide open and I would peddle my bike through and then make a sharp right to get to my first destination, Starbucks, without much notice.

To get out with as little notice as possible, I was usually heading to Starbucks around 6:30 AM and today, my baptism does not start until 9:00 AM, so I have a little time to myself.  Today, as most days, I start by reading the Bible, writing in my journal and responding to potential job offers.

Around 8:30 AM, I mount my bike again, which I hid around the corner by the trash bin at Starbucks, and throw my bag over my shoulder, but this time it does not sit right on my back, it hits the bike seat and causes it so swing right or left when I stand to mount the seat.  This causes two challenges; firstly, I am off balance and two it gets in the way of riding.  With effort, I try to swing it back to where it should be without causing me to swerve into something stationary or cause the swaying of the bag to throw my balance off enough to where I have to start over getting going again.

The ride to the church is uneventful.  As usual, I am the only bike on the road, an odd feeling in a town with sidewalks; young people and great weather one might think they would be filled with them.  I have my routine down.  I cross the street back towards Starbucks then ride behind the RaceTrac gas station, then dart back across the street in a free break in traffic and charge up the sidewalk.

Down to the Town Square, where the multitude of shops, restaurants and the movie theater are, then back across the street.  I will stay on this side of the street for the remaining part of the ride.  The sidewalks are partial here; I know I have to cross four thresholds of grass before I will arrive at the church driveway.

Some mornings everything goes very well across these tracks, but it depends on the path, speed and how much they water the night before to whether it is a clean crossing.  Today, even though my day to be baptized, one patch of grass has been watered and a bit sloppy lake like, so I get a spraying of water and mud all over me, but it’s not to think and appears to have the ability to dry without a mark.

The parking lot of the church is full, there are five services available, thus the parking lot is continually full until after the last service and people are always around.  I am somewhat self-conscious riding my bike to church, thus come to the exit and enter from the sidecars do not usually drive through.

I found a great spot for my bike, to hide it from being noticed, thus limited embarrassment and for protection from being possibly stolen.  In front of the church, there is about a 5′ white brick wall, it hides the AC units for this section of the church.  There is enough room between the wall and the A/C units to put my bike, so I gently slide it between the two.  I grab my bible from one of the compartments of my bag and place it gently next to the front wheel of my bike.

I head over to the sanctuary I am to be baptized.  In my pass over, I stop in the main lobby and grab a donut and a quick cup of coffee and then I run into Ed.  Ed is a member of the church, is part of a group called “Stephen’s Ministry”, and he has been there to counsel and listen to me and to help guide me for the last several months.  As I shake hands with him and embrace in a hug, he asks me, “Did you ride your bike?”   I smiled and said of course!

That was about a year ago.   Today, I went to church.  I work up to the same alarm I did a year ago, but I did not have to get up and leave because of the lurking possibility of being discovered, in fact, I ignored the alarm and continued to sleep a bit longer.  My bed is soft and my blanket and comforter soft and clean.  I have a selection of clean clothes to choose from, but wonderfully more is I get up and get into a warm shower and shave with ease.

I walk down the few stairs from my loft of a bedroom; admire the artwork of my younger children abound on the walls and the floor.  I open my front door of my warm, carpeted apartment and get into my 1995 excellent running and reasonably kept Lincoln Continental and drove to Church.

Today I still wonder how my life has been changed by my renewed relationship with Christ.  Even though a tremendous amount has changed, I still this question, I ask this question because I do not feel as though I can have a close enough relationship with Jesus Christ and never feel like I want to be content with the relationship I have.  Each day, I want to try harder to server Jesus Christ even more.

Even though, with all my honesty I could tell you I feel as close to Jesus Christ today as I did last year the day I was baptized, my life, my outlook, my faith, and love have all changed for the better.  Is my life easier, no, it has not if anything it has gotten harder? Harder because I have greater wisdom, faith, and love, I did not have before.  So why is my life harder, it is because I struggle with my own vision of my limitations and the ones God has for me.  And constantly, when I feel I am out of capacity, I continue to have more.  In addition, having more love, faith, forgiveness, argues against my personal self-logic of why I should extend myself anymore.  However, I realize, I am not extending anything, it has is God’s will and if God can do it and ask me to do it, then I can do it, but it does not always make it easy.

I guess it’s no different than a coach believing the student can do more than the student believes themselves they can do as well as the teacher knowing the why the student needs to learn the lesson.

I look forward to my next year.  I know I still have so many obstacles to overcome, I know I will feel like I did this last year, that I was making no progress, my relationship with God and Jesus Christ needs even more work, but in the end I can say I learned even more lessons and been able to extend my love, grace, faith, and forgiveness even more.

With All My Prayers and Blessings,


Rhythm of Life

Rip-Roar Get High On Life

I believe life is to be lived, not worked, enjoyed, not agonized, loved, not hated.


What is your Rhythm?

Rhythm of Life

How we pick our lives; the pace and what we do to me is no different than those of athletes.  Each athlete seems to find a sport, an event which fits there body, their personality.  And when they train, they train in a way which maximizes there potential.  Why is this observation of value; well to me picking what we do for our lives is just as important as an athlete picking the right sport and event?

But it seems like many, many of us don’t take this into consideration when we start our lives.  And this is reflected in the incredible increase in people stressing, needing drugs to sustain a pace, to calm themselves down, to wake themselves up.   And in all of this; it seems that there are some who are naturally able to constantly work at a high rate, yet there are many of us who are not designed to work at this incredibly high expected rate of work.

Think about it this way, if a sprinter spent his career trying to be a long distant runner, would they be as successful and would you guess it would be an incredible strain on them physically and mentally?  The same as a long distance runner trying to run the 100 meters, how would it affect them.  And if they could not be successful, would we call them failures?

My point is, I believe we each have a unique rhythm, a rhythm which brings harmony to our lives; but so many of us are trying to run our lives at someone else’s rhythm and pace, one our body, and mind cannot sustain, thus the gradual break down of our physical and mental soundness.

Have you found your rhythm?

Are you stuck in a dance you cannot get out of, does your health and mental soundness have to digress before you change?

Are we teaching or telling your children, how important it is to find a lifestyle which fits there personal rhythm?