Part 2 of 3 What is Your Version?

PART 2 of 3

{This is a comment I got from a friend when I posted What is Your Version?  I found it very informative and well written.  God Bless my friend Dave.}

If you’re more comfortable with an on-line source of the Bible, where several versions can be read at the same time, this can also help…..but, it can also lead you down a very incorrect path! There is an old saying: Translators are traitors! So, beware. We all stand before God for the things we do in this lifetime, so keep vigilent on what you think you know, and think you understand. Always be ready to reassess what you think you know as a new understanding challenges your conception of ideas gained from the Biblical text.

The significance of some of the errors are critical, however most likely none of you here would fully comprehend the reason why. That isn’t a put down, trust me, it’s just that it’s likely that none of you know enough about law, and your own relationship to the governments of the world, or the Kingdom of God to know why a particular word should’ve been translated a particular way.

Until you read the Bible as a POLITICAL book written about how governments are structured and how laws come into being and how you become bound to obedience to a particular society, then you cannot comprehend how Jesus did what He did, nor how He can set you free! Right now, you are all SLAVES. You’ve never known freedom on any level. That’s a bold statement that I make no apologies for. You need to hear it, and learn about your life in these perillous times.

The KJ translators were given specific edicts from King James to translate certain words certain ways! Hello!!! The King isn’t going to allow anyone to have a Bible that says you’re supposed to be following another KING…one King Jesus!!!! All other “bibles” are more politically inferior than the KJV.

My advice is: don’t look to any of the translations to “save you”. Only the Holy Spirit of God can do that. However, Study to show thyself approved….and, study like a Berean!

The Bible is a Tutor. If studied critically it will give much intellectual understanding of the Biblical era, and today’s quagmire that the whole world finds itself suffering within.

The Holy Spirit is not about knowledge, its about LIFE, and TRUTH. For all of my hours and years of studying law and the Bible I used very little of my “knowledge” to get myself out of the lions den. It was the Holy Spirit that gave me wisdom and understanding that set me free in my hour.

As far as Bible studies go, I can tell you this. It has taken me in excess of 20,000 hours to get to where I am now in reading and studying the Biblical text. In another 20,000 hours I think I can have a pretty good grasp on it. But, maybe not;>)

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What is Your Version?